Victims of Biggamy

by Bernadette Hinton Writer
This group was created for those whom have fallen prey t being Victimized by Biggamists.
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Review on Victims of Biggamy

"I really thought I had found someone who loved me, for me. I must be the uglest person in the World. why can't I find a good man? What's wrong with me.I'll nevver trust anyone else with my heart! Why did he do me like this, of all people, and after all I have done for him?. These are some different emotions we feel when we have been betrayed by our So-called -spouses in this manner. The heartache behind this can be permanently damaging. To say that a result of this causes a person to develop Low- Self esteem is putting this lightly. But, you can have happieness, healthy relationships, and Love, after the STORM."

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John foster Willie Advanced   
Mydoritha I can understand what you have said about this subject.
But I cannot help think that the feeling you expressed are manufractured in people.
Before you or any one begin to bend your self out of shape, let me say this, the kind of man that women are looking for God has not created.
What we have is the ones women like yourself have given birth to.
However do take a look at Genessis 30ff in the Bible and see how God fearing women delt with this subject.
Feb 28th 2011 18:31   
Bernadette Hinton Advanced   Writer
Thank you for your response, and I will open mindedly "think on these things" I will also go back and read this scripture.Could you please expain in further detail what you mean by "what we have is the ones that women like yorself have given birth to?"
Feb 28th 2011 19:16   
John foster Willie Advanced   
shure: two wrongs can never make one right,therefor lots of things are badley expressed and family life is one of these.
Bad habits, on the part of both men and women, and who those habits was learnt from as a result the main ingrediant of marriage has been spoiled, by placing Man values instead of God values.
The Bible text will teach the real values. Then you can ask yourself have you acted as a God fearing woman, if yes then the man will get the punishment he deservs, if not then you and all women need to get back to the basics.
Mar 2nd 2011 19:10   
Bernadette Hinton Advanced   Writer
Okay thank you. This may help me become more Interpersonally Effective in my relationship, and to better understand GOD's will for my life v/s self-will.
Mar 2nd 2011 21:56   
John foster Willie Advanced   
No doubt when you have looked at how it is in the Face of God you may feel different.
Mar 3rd 2011 19:33   
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