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by Meghan is an online marketplace that allows you to connect directly with advertisers to engage in sponsored conversations through Twitter. Advertisers compensate you with cash in exchange
Recommended Features
  • It's easy! Set your price, Choose Offers, Get paid to Tweet!
  • Write your own Tweets!
  • Ethical sponsoring: Mandatory Disclosure
  • Both CPC and Set offers!
  • A whitelisted Twitter application!
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Review on Tweeters: Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is a great program, because it pays me to do what I'm already doing - Tweeting! It lets me choose which Tweets I want to include AND lets me rewrite them in my own words. So, I get to choose advertising that fits in with what I'm already Tweeting about.

This isn't a huge moneymaker, but it certainly helps me fill in the cracks. Last week, I made $50 from Tweeting. Give it a try!

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A First Look at How Sponsored Tweets Work
twitter, social, media, marketing, Sponsored, Tweets In this quick video I take a look at how the SponsoredTweets system works. connects people on twitter up with advertisers who will pay for a message to be tweeted on

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how it worksUse these links and badges to spread the word about SponsoredTweets. When a tweeter signs up using one of your links or badges you will receive 10% of SponsoredTweets portion of revenue fo...

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Hendry Kurniawan Advanced   the best chois
oh really, good job online
Sep 12th 2010 17:39   
Meghan Senior   
I have $100 pending. The direct offers are paid to you as soon as you reach a certain cost-per-click, but the Cost-Per-Click campaigns stay pending for 30 days. I can't wait until I get paid!
Sep 21st 2010 09:54   
Meghan Senior   
So far, in the past month, I've made an extra $135. That' a good chunk of change.
Sep 29th 2010 20:57   
Meghan Senior   
I've made over $300. That's my Christmas present money. It's a real blessing considering how tight finances have been this year. Check out Sponsored Tweets. It may give you that extra Christmas money you need.
Oct 25th 2010 19:38   
Meghan Senior   
I'm now up to $418. It is completely possible to be successful with this affiliate program.
Nov 10th 2010 11:33   
Raul V De Leon Senior   Global Independent Business Owner
well what you offer here is some quick money on internet try it, thanks
Nov 16th 2010 21:09   
Altaf Gandhi Advanced   
Nice Post Written By you. Find Some Thing Good
Nov 17th 2010 00:07   
Cyn S. Senior   Our Food As Medicine, Health and Wellness Blogger
I just started this, I am kind of excited about it. How much time do you put into it. I'm still at .15 cents per tweet, obviously you are way up there. I like it.
Nov 17th 2010 00:10   
Sherry Emma Simpson Committed   Smart Entrepreneur
This works folks. I'm waiting to withdraw once it reaches $50 in my account.
Nov 17th 2010 00:37   
Padam Katuwal Freshman  
The lord is near to all who call upon Him,to allwho call upon Him in truth. Bible 2.186
Nov 17th 2010 01:24   
Branislav Malogajski Senior   
This is a good information for me thank you
Nov 17th 2010 02:23   
Ashwin Anand Advanced  Mech Engg
i am very sdelighted and ammased to view this
Nov 17th 2010 02:27   
Tony Dy Senior   networker
excellent well done all great compliments
Nov 17th 2010 02:34   
John Nelson Senior   Friends are more valuable than GOLD!
Tweeter is a great tool and has gotten me many sign ups to my swom account
Nov 17th 2010 03:25   
Aravindh Reddy Senior   Web Designer, Forex Trader
this is nice website to earn money
you can create your own campgain
Nov 17th 2010 04:53   
Becky Ragsdale Advanced   One24 Taking The Internet By Storm
I am with twitter and love twitter it has done alot for me
Nov 17th 2010 07:47   
Vishwajeet Kumar Magnate I   Blogger
well what you offer here is some quick money on internet try it, thanks
Nov 17th 2010 08:17   
murali kodali Committed  Internet Surfer
I had almost forgotten about Cash Crate! For those of us who are looking for an "Earn Money Now " type of program, you just stumbled upon a long standing winner! :)
Nov 17th 2010 09:08   
Sudeepa Sujata Bhatt. Committed   
It's Nice Project, Good Earning Potentials !!!!!
Nov 17th 2010 09:18   
DEJAN T. Advanced   Internet Surfer in All Areas
this is a great idea for me thx ... fo info mt frend
Nov 17th 2010 09:54   
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