Turn your $1 into $100 INSTANTLY!

by Jaja Masorong
"Turn your $1 into $100 INSTANTLY" program or as we all know it: "100 Dollars a day program" is a very useful tool and very effective way of making extra money online promoting this product.
Recommended Features
  • Remarkably, the price is only at $1.36 (already covering the fees) for this amazing product.
  • Refer other people to the program to buy this product and you'll also receive $1.00 per friend referred
  • Direct download to the eBooks and programs used by the Author EXPOSING the exact blueprint in getting 100's of $1 payments from 100's of verified users on AUTO-PILOT, 24/7
  • You will receive 12 GB of products with MASTER RESALE RIGHTS
  • Accepts Paypal and Alertpay payments
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Review on Turn your $1 into $100 INSTANTLY!

"Turn $1 into $100 instantly!" or more preferably, "make $100 a day!".

It was during the 9th of June 2010 when I first checked out and registered for this amazing product. In fact, I couldn't remember back then that I ACTUALLY registered on this site on June 9,2010 (gasp!--only 13 more days till' my birthday!)

Well, that's only one of the outstanding features of this site that it provides to its members. The site records the members information more accurately than other sites usually can. Look, it also records the time when I registered!

Going back to the topic, though (where we still are actually in). Most of you have probably heard or seen this product before. (well, if not yet -- feel free to click the link "salespage"! That's actually my referral link so everytime someone signs up and does "turn" their $1 into $100, I'll receive the $1 directly to my Paypal/Alertpay account! All depending on which payment processor you used to pay for the $1.36 fee!)

So, you may be wondering, "What's with this product anyway? What's with Jaja suddenly writing a review about this product? Is it really that awesome? (well, of course, I only write reviews about products worth reading -- not only those worth STARING at ;))

Well, there are a couple of reasons why I'm suddenly writing a review about this product.

Numero uno reason is: I'm currently in a mission right now and that's only between you and me ;) Once I get to vote on of the other Revpages (which I've already done) and get to write my own (which I hope you would vote on) I will actually receive 170 credits as a reward! Woopee for me!

2nd reason is this: I'll be professional on this one. And actually, I'll also be serious. While browsing through the other revpages, I suddenly asked myself: "Why not write a review about this product called '100 dollars a day program'"? These revpages I'm staring at are receiving more than a thousand hits a day and the authors are probably raking hundreds of sales! The heck -- I'll probably get a truckload of referral commission before I could even say "Purple Thumb"!

So that's it. capish?

Now, going back to the topic (again)

Since I only have a couple of characters left now, I'll summarize my review.

There are a lot of cons or "downsides" of this product. And with cons, you can expect much more thumbs up for this product as well.

Several months back when I made my purchase for this product, I actually made a lot of sales already even in my first week (and I was only a 12 year old back then). Tweeting it and setting it as a status on Facebook were my 2 main rackets where all my sales come from (and after posting this RP (revpage), I do hope to get more sales).

Of course, during our sales, we all have our cons. For one reason, when people see this product, most of them would focus more on the earning opportunity.

Two of my referrals even asked me once "I bought the membership, where's my $100?"

Okay -- big correction: It's not 'membership' you're buying here. It's a product.

The "How to make $100 a day ebook" product that is.

So even as today, there are a lot of misconceptions about this eBook.

Take note, it's an eBook. Not a program.

*People Treat it as a money making program*
- Which actually, it is. But the money making program is only a sideline. It's not the main reason you're gonna buy this product.

To be honest, the author might have had a little bit mispriced this product since his not receiving any of the $1.36 you're gonna pay -- they go straight to your upline/referrer. And take note, you'll gain access to his eBook exposing readers on how he makes $100 DAILY on autopilot WITH MASTER RESALE RIGHTS. So you can sell that product for $100 per copy and you only paid $1.36. WoW. (and you also get instant access to the 12GB worth of products with master resale rights too!)

Well, that ends our review, folks. To top it off, this product is really great and poorly cheap that almost everyone with a Paypal or Alertpay account can actually afford it. It has its cons but the support and everything is ravishingly great. It's only the users that sometimes get misguided by the site's concept and get forced to piss off the Admins (sometimes).

If you haven't registered for an account in the site, yet -- feel free to do so using my referral link above :-)

P.S. For my final words, YES. The heck of it -- incase you didn't read my review and just awkwardly stared at it, the site is offering a money making program. You'll get paid $1 per referral you introduced in the site and buys the product. All payments are sent directly to your Paypal/Alertpay account.

Happy Christmas and a MERRY new year everyone! =)
Hope you enjoy the holiday season :)

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