Turbo CASH Revolution

by Jasmine A. Another Great Day Ahead! =)
The Beginning Month of December 2012 has a newly pre launched A Plug N' Play Automated Traffic System and Money Making Progam All-In-One! Now is the time to get on board before it goes viral crazy...
Recommended Features
  • Get this system at an affordable cost compared to others! Just under $50
  • Submit up to 5 of Your Best Websites of Your Choice. (You can always udate them)
  • Receive $25 or $100 PER Sale
  • Commissions paid to you either by Payza or Paypal
  • and more...
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Review on Turbo CASH Revolution

Well, I just recently stumble across this interesting website promotion with incredible video and overall presentation. So why wouldn't it grab the attention of profit seekers, newbies, affliate marketers and so on..?

With the sites perky pre launch i'm sure visitor visiting your site will want to see most of the message of what's being presented to them.

Sites like ICP Instant Cash Plugin along with it's micro mini version are in a price range far out from many who would like to have an automated traffic system to give them that extra boost they need or want badly enough.

With Turbo Cash Revolution comes affordability at it's pre launch. Which however will change in price when it is time. But for now, you can get this Plug N' Play Cash Generating System at just under $50. If you wait until it's too late, you'll more than likely end up seeing a price that would cost you to get the ICP. You can't even get the Micro version for $50.

If you want to know more about what Turbo Cash Revolution is all about go visit the weblink provided by, scrolling back to the top of this page and click on: Learn more about Turbo CASH Revolution.

So being that I got mines today, I immediately still brought traffic myself to start and started to get referrals just with my promoting alone. I will start to see traffic within 24-48 hrs from the time I created an account and paid for my turbo cash system. So that I am excited for.

People get this...There are those who will probably not want to bring in their own traffic after getting this to automate traffic to their websites. There are those that will still continue to do their work as usually even while they have the automated system going to work for them. Which your preference is fine, but I am one of those who still continue to do my work as usual while having something beneficial going to work for me.

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Turbo Cash Revolution [[ Basic Questions and Answers ]]

Join TCR: * sponsor name - jkmeshawaii * Must be at legal age in your jurisdiction to join TCR. I don't normally create videos for marketing, but please bare with me as you go a

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Ali Raza Committed   Affiliate Marketer, Networker
Did you get traffic from it ? How much you made with this system till now ?
Dec 17th 2012 06:13   
Jasmine A. Senior   Another Great Day Ahead! =)
Hi Ali! I joined Turbo Cash Revolution where there was days left in the first week run of the TCR System. Which I had stumbled upon it. With less than a week on my side I had gotten signups and made commissions. The first pay day from the turbo cash revolution was at $200 for me. It would have been $225, but one sale kicked in just after the cutoff, lol. So that $25 is added to my new waiting commissions for the next pay out this coming wednesday, so I am expecting another payout again from TCR. I have a wordpress that I shared my first pay out the day that I got paid.... See if you could google - " Paid From Turbo Cash Revolution " it may be the first one you see. You'll know because you'll see the title below for my post:
Turbo Cash Revolutions First Payrun 12.12.2012 – Commissions are paid out – I Got Paid $200
Dec 18th 2012 03:53    Edited in Dec 18th 2012 03:55
Ali Raza Committed   Affiliate Marketer, Networker
Thanks Jasmine .... Those commissions came from people buying TCR using your referral link ?
What about the traffic on the 5 links ......? and you promoted it yourself for referrals or they came from advertising TCR Ref link in TCR System?
Dec 18th 2012 04:43   
Jasmine A. Senior   Another Great Day Ahead! =)
Hi Ali =D Not sure what you meant on your first question. But yes, in order for you to get sales/commissions it has to come from your affiliate link. I would have to say both the sites system and my promoting as a result. I say this because I did wait and see if they were promoting my link and saw that it was before I started promoting.I did find a few sign ups that didn't track back to my own advertising and tracking resources. And local wise it wasn't in that area that I had promote at that time. I also did keep eye out on my sites that I submitted. I had changed a few atleast ta few times since I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to try out first. However, I left two untouched since the first submission. *Although you can change up your 5 sites at anytime. They encourage you to try to leave your links as long as possible before replacing it with another link. So that your sites will get the best results as possible* All sites do show activity, however with the two in place that I hadn't changed. I seen activity as in click that occurred, being that all the links on the site is traceable. So in other words from the site to another site and so on I seen activity going on. I had a few people send me emails that's on one of the sites for a business I do. Which has to mean that from the tracking and then emails it's working, since I haven't even really got that site out just yet. But I never expect my experience or anyone's experience to be the same. I took this opportunity based on my own thoughts into trying it out. I have no complaints being that I do see results. Hope this has help answer your questions as to what you are looking for. =D
Dec 18th 2012 19:30    Edited in Dec 19th 2012 17:48
Ali Raza Committed   Affiliate Marketer, Networker
Thanks for the well descriptive answer Jasmine ...
Dec 19th 2012 06:16   
Jasmine A. Senior   Another Great Day Ahead! =)
Your Welcome & No Problem :)
Dec 19th 2012 17:46   
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