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This is Explosive Build an Advertising Subscription Balance and Rewards Cash Balance AND even your Advertising Repurchase Balance BEFORE you even start a subscription!
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  • Cash Back when you purchase advertising.
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Review on Tri-Ads -Advertising

Introducing A Revolutionary New Advertising Concept Along With An Industry Changer SUB Charger,Booster Bonus and Explosion Reward Plan.

The First Ever-Continuous-Perpetual-Looped-Steady And Repeated System.

Tri-Ads A Very Simple Plan

.30-$10-$25-$50 Plans are all one time ad pack purchases
They all open up at the same time during pre-launch you may purchase as many of these plans as you like
During pre-launch they will be held in their own queue until randomization takes place.
Unlimited purchases due to randomization. ( THE FIRST 4 PLANS HAVE BEEN RANDOMIZED AND LAUNCHED)

Each level works with the next level creating new advertising packs into each other for constant movement.
Each level then creates a flow of rewards to each of your reward wallets also.

The 5th plan is the most important plan of all your advertising daily reward subscription advertising packages.

Your daily subscriptions when opened is the final key to your rewards system.
This daily advertising plan creates consistent cycling into the .30-$10 and $25
As your sub balance and repurchase balance and cash balance grows so does the rewards in order to keep
consistent movement in your plans.

Please take note other subscription plans in the past has had this 15 day pre-funding of your subscriptions BUT
as most of you are aware the major downfall there is no way to fund your subscriptions if you are getting close to a 0 subscription fund balance.

Here at Tri-Ads we have an optional subscription funding feature where you can help yourself and your team if you are getting low on subscription funds.
We highly advise that you take this into consideration as its been the major downfall of all subscription based programs.
You not only keep things moving forward if your in danger of a 0 subscription balance but you are keeping yourself from having to wait to receive rewards due to gaps in your ad purchases.

Please understand the function and the importance of optional sub funding if and when needed.
Please also take note that once you request a withdrawal 35% of that requested withdrawal will be placed in your subscription balance not repurchase balance it is important
that your subscription balance has funds to keep them active at all times.
You do not lose your accounts if your not funded but seriously understand why so many have failed in the past.

What good is a bunch of subscriptions after day 15 if there is no advertising funds in your account to pull them.
We have seen time and time again sub programs fail due to non-funding of active subscriptions so many excited members for 15 days then the complaints start that things are to slow on rewards.
It is much better to have less subscriptions and keep them funded so many more can be repurchased. Then a high number showing on the site and none active.
So we are doing everything in our power to keep what we can flowing to that subscription balance in the plan its up to you the advertisers to do the rest.

TRI-30 Plan

The 30 center as I call it is going to be a huge hidden monster that once understood will create massive fun and massive rewards for all.
Now no one is left out
If you love to click for ad rewards income you have found the right place.
As a free member you can surf/click your way to .30 reward packages.
Once you have reached reward cashout stage you then must pay your $5.00 upgrade fee before you can cashout.
You then will earn cash rewards like anyone else in the program along with repurchase balance to purchase your subscriptions and subscription balances to pay for your subscriptions.
Upgraded members can purchase .30 plan anytime prior and after randomization.
Lets take a good look at how rewards can build up huge in the Tri-30 Plan
The potential is amazing.

Potential of building your Tri-30 spots long term.
.30 over and over again has the potential to explode your advertising rewards.

EXAMPLE of 10 Plans

Advertising cost $3.00 for 10 ad plans

10 TRI 30 Plans if only receive cash rewards through level/phase 5.

.50 x 10 = $5.00
1.00 x10= 10.00
5.00 x10= 50.00
5.00 x10= 50.00
20.00 x10= 200.00 = $315.00

Next 5 Amazing

100.00 x10= 1000.00
200.00 x10= 2000.00
500.00 x10= 5000.00
1000.00 x10=10,000.00

First thing most people think is WOW 10 levels of 1x5 will never happen.
Never say never with team building and the ultimate first ever-continuous-perpetual-looped-steady-and repeated system the 30 center will create
an explosion of team excitement.


When looking at the rewards plan you can see what makes this plan so exciting.

Tri-Ads $10 plan gives you two days sub coverage- Phase one is always the fastest to complete
which can add up very quickly to help in members advertising efforts.
Phase two earns someone a 15 Day subscription plan each time this is rewarded.
Along with other rewards listed.

The $25 Plan

Gives you five days sub coverage phase one is always the fastest to complete.
Phase 2 another 5 days sub coverage and phase 3 whopping 35 days sub coverage and
a 15 day sub plan. Along with many other rewards listed.

$50 Plan

Phase one super charges the $10 and $25 plan in phase one
And phase 2- 10 days sub coverage and 2 sub plans are rewarded
Along with many other rewards listed.

Then along comes your sub plan rewards which push all of the above on a DAILY basis
and your sub plan only takes 30 advertising spots to complete.
Learn your plan and at the end of the day I believe you will agree TRI-Ads is where
all advertisers will want to be.

TRI-Ads- 2 Phase $10 Booster Bonus Plan

$10 LEVEL Takes 30 to complete rewards

Phase 1

$10.00 x5= 50.00

Receive $10.00 Subscription Rewards (Two Days Sub Charged UP)

$40.00 to phase 2

Phase 2


$75.00 Cash Rewards
$75.00 Repurchase Rewards (One 15 Day Sub Package)
$25.00 Sub Charger Position
$10 reentry Booster Bonus Rewards
$15.00 Enroller Cash Rewards

$25 Level Takes 125 to complete rewards

Tri-Ads - Tri Phase $25 SUB CHARGER PLAN

Phase 1

$25 x 5= $125.00

Receive $25 in your Cash Rewards
(1) 25.00 reentry into Phase 1 Sub Charger
$25.00 to your Tri-Ads Subscription Wallet (5 Days Sub Charged UP)
$50.00 to Phase 2

Phase 2

50.00x 5= $250.00

Receive 50.00 to your Cash Rewards
$25.00 to your Tri-Ads Subscription Rewards (5 Days Sub Charged UP)
(1) $25.00 reentry into Phase 1 Sub Charger
$150.00 to Phase 3

Phase 3

$150.00 x 5= $750.00

Receive 350.00 to your Cash Rewards
Receive (2) reentries into Phase 1 (50.00) Sub Charger
Receive 175.00 to your Tri-Ads Subscription Wallet. (35 Days Sub Charged UP)
$25.00 to your Enrollers Cash Rewards.
$75.00 to your Tri-Ads Repurchase Rewards (One 15 Day Sub Package)
Receive (2) $10.00 Tri-Ads Booster Rewards
Receive (1) 50.00 Subscription Explosion Plan

Tri-Ads- 2 Phase $50 SUBSCRIPTION EXPLOSION PLAN- Takes 30 to complete rewards
Phase 1

$50x5= $250.00

$50.00 Cash Balance
$5.00 enroller Cash Rewards
Receive (1) $25.00 Sub Charger
Receive (2) $10.00 Booster Bonus
$150.00 Phase 2

Phase 2

$150 x5= $750.00

$400.00 Cash Rewards
$10.00 Enroller Cash Rewards
Receive (5) Bonus Booster Plan (50.00)
Receive (1) Sub Charger Plan (25.00)
Receive (1) Reentry Sub Explosion Plan (50.00)
Receive (50) .30 Tri-30 Plan (15.00)
$50.00 Subscription Rewards (10 Days Sub Charged UP)
$150.00 Repurchase Rewards(Two 15 Day Sub Packages)

With our Revolutionary New Advertising Product Its A Winner!!

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