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Before I explain our program, let me ask you a serious question. Would you have joined Yahoo, MSN, or Google when they started if they promised you a piece of their company?? Of course you would have
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  • Now....think for a second. Where do these internet giants get the majority of their revenues from? Advertising!!! That's right...advertising.
  • Advertising pays their bills. Advertising helped them grow. Advertising generated their profits. In fact - there would be no internet, as we know it today, without advertising.
  • And who reads these ads? You do of course! You read the ads - they make the profit - you make nothing at all!! It really is that simple. Until now!!
  • Our program will change the face of the internet, but we need partners to do that. And what will our partners have to do? Spend about 5-10 minutes a day working with us - that's it - unless you decide
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"And what does that entail?", you may be wondering. Something so simple that we are surprised no one has thought of this before. You register and become a member. The minimum requirements are that you receive just one email a day and refer just two persons - and that's all. And what do you get in return for that? Ownership of our company, a share of the profits (and we make no promises here but do see our contract), and much, much more in the future.

In fact, 90% of this entire company will be member owned and we have even included that in our contract. We only get 10% today, tomorrow, and forever. And of that 90% that will go to members, 45% will go out as cash and the other 45% will go into our "war chest" to develop and/or buy other profitable internet companies. And YOU will also own these companies as well.

But why should you consider reading email ads? Well - you probably receive several, if not dozens, of email ads per day. Some are legal and some are spam. What do they both have in common? You do not get a penny for reading either of them. And you will always get ads as most programs on the internet require that you receive some ads - so THEY can make a profit. All we have done is reversed that trend to where now YOU will get the profits.

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Andre Hartman Professional  Business Owner
Nice concept.
Oct 27th 2010 12:46   
Matt Ryan Freshman   
Sounds like a good idea and may very well take off the member owned concept sounds great ...
Oct 27th 2010 13:14   
Cyn S. Senior   Our Food As Medicine, Health and Wellness Blogger
Sounds pretty cool. I'll take a look
Oct 27th 2010 15:20   
Ankushawali md Freshman  SEO EXPERT
great information provided thanks for ur data keep posting.....
Oct 27th 2010 19:14   
Mark Sellers Senior   Internet Marketer
I like it Very good ideas
Oct 27th 2010 19:14   
Joe Griffith Committed   Profesionsl marketer
geat stuff
Oct 27th 2010 22:18   
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