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  • Find out why same-sex unions are opposed by Chrisitians
  • Where in the Bible does it say-"being gay is sin"?
  • What are Gays suppose to do instead?
  • Why did Jesus say only "One Marriage" ever?
  • Is it a Sin to Marry someone you love anyway?
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The Blog is a Christian endorsement of Biblical perspectives and teachings.

Many Christian denominations hold various views that may differ from one another. Long term firmly held beliefs have been subject to change however the Holy Bible protestant versions have been consistent to make no attempt to endorse ultra-liberal causes and perspectives.

The Order in which Marriage was originally intended is relevant to Social Order in general and pertains to why even in this present day and time, strong oppositions to same-sex unions may still exist.

Further ultra-liberal causes have been out-pouring and overtaking long held values and there is little said, especially in public forums about the original intent and purpose of what Marriage is suppose to be defined as in it's original context. Conflicts of interest do and while persist

It is clear that the Messiah had a very strong view on the subject, but was often deliberately asked very ambiguous questions from people who very well intended to trap him in his words.

Further pushing him to answer in concise but direct terms that could leave no doubt as to his position on the subject.

This is what created the animosity towards him to have him put to death by his opponents.
Even further there are anti-Christs who in this present-day find it offensive for Christians to express the truth of the Messiah's teachings.


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Akbar A. Professional   teacher
So what Jesus and Christian Religion say about same sex ? Not clear
Feb 1st 2020 10:28   
Nathan Services LLC Professional   Closer; Strategic Consultant
In Reading the full Article "THE NATHAN REPORT" you will some permanently drawn conclusions:
1). The Messiah pointed to the beginning where a man and a woman only were authorized to marry and even then only one permanent marriage where Divorce is not an option.
2.) Even if a second marriage occurs the second marriage itself is still defined as Adultery because a spouse has been "put away" in order for the second marriage to exist.
3.) Same sex unions were a given in that day and time as "Abomination" against the LORD and would never have been brought up as a rational option of any kind in marriage in the first place; especially by the Pharisees, Sadducee's and Scribes who were advanced students of the LAW OF GOD. So Jesus Christ did address Homosexuality in fact by addressing the broad range of Sins in one small riddle that confounded even the most brilliant students of the LAW OF GOD.
Feb 3rd 2020 13:12   
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