TextAdBrokers Review

by Ali Raza Affiliate Marketer, Networker
TextAdBrokers has a 2 fold income system. 1st is through the contextual advertising network & 2nd is from internal commission structure. They share their revenue with all members evenly
Recommended Features
  • Residual Income
  • No Referring / Sponsoring required to Earn
  • Earn from home
  • Earn daily, No limit on Earning
  • Profit Sharing / Revenue Sharing
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What is TAB?
TAB was created as the premier Partner for marketing and distribution For the newly created contextual advertising Platform is the newest high-tech High touch advertising platform designed To get your Text, Banner, Inline, and many Other advertising formats in front of Millions of people EVERY DAY.

Is it Real?
Yes. I saw TAB in end of April on 2nd day of launch. The concept was lovely so I grabbed 1 unit on spot. 10,000 units were sold in just 3 days and they closed on May 2nd for launching it with the .

The launch was delayed for 2 weeks then planned date and no update was given so many people including me thought they have scammed. But later, we came to know the glitch happened because of the hosting company. TAB had to go to law firms and they won the case. Finally, they were back live on 25th May.

Is it Legit or Scam?

So far, the concept is awesome and the time and happenings in last 1 month shows that TAB is here to stay!!
They refunded all the claims made by people and assured me as well that they will resolve the issues when I raised a dispute to Apertpay when there was no update coming from them after closing of site. They could have run as made thousands of users & dollars in just 3 days. But they were Back. .
They made payments to Users and I usually got my payments within 3 hours of withdrawal request.

Joining is FREE
Purchase 1 Unit for 25$ (Alertpay, Credit Card can also be used)

What you will get with TAB?
- Residual income from ownership of Prime Internet Real(Ad)Estate
- $10 Advertising Voucher at hitcrawler
- 25% of GLOBAL sales paid evenly to every Partner package
- Multiple partner packages allowed per account/household.
- No maximum earnings, earn daily as you grow.

Minimum withdraw limit is just 5$.

Benefits for Power Marketers: EARNING POTENTIAL :

There is no requirement for Referrals BUT if you do, there is HUGE earning potential.

They are paying 50% of the total Partner Package sale to the up line members. $1.25 per member 10 levels deep with unlimited width (12.5$ of each sale is shared with upline members ... 1.25$ / referral upto 10 level deep - No limit on width, this is the BEST part & I love it :)

Just think if you promote it to just 5 people & they also promote to 5 further and goes to 10 levels deep..and each buying just 1 pack only.. even then what will be your earnings ... What if someone refers more then 5 and some of them will buy multiple packs........ It goes in Millions of $$$

Unlimited Width Income Structure to maximize your potential...... There is no limit how many people you can refer........ Its your wish..... Refer 1, 2, 10 , 100 , 1000s or ZERO .... Your earning will not stop...

So far, its going great and 1 of the Best Programs I have seen and got very good response from my friends looking at this :)

Final Words:

Don't delay.... Concept is awesome and they are really doing good. People are making money from sales of packages and advertisement of HitCrawler is also starting up... So more income coming in.... There is always risk in life so don't just keep on waiting... its just 25$ for 1 pack, Join now and See yourself !!!!

Contact me if you have any questions...

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Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
TextAdBrokers confuses its members with the way it names things. is a search engine and it doesn't work right now, I search for led zeppelin and it gives weird results. is the advertising site, but it's not new technology, some sites already use it.
May 27th 2011 11:06   
Ali Raza Committed   Affiliate Marketer, Networker
They are still in development phase... is not fully ready still, and they never claimed technology is not used anywhere else.. its relatively new :)
They did confuse as the way they went down due to issue with hosting company then coming back after 3 weeks and in between total no contact for a week.......... But, now its going good and paying on time :)
May 27th 2011 13:28   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
On Text Ad Brokers, they say is live since May 21st. The script has existed for at least a year.

I do hope it's not a scam. Getting paid is no proof, some scams payed some members at first, to help them keep the faith.
May 27th 2011 14:12   
Ali Raza Committed   Affiliate Marketer, Networker
You are very right... Thats why I mentioned all details above how it was closed and restarted... That 21st May mentioned there was mentioned before they went down... It was the initial planned data announced at end of April... They are working on things now... hopefully they will be fixed soon... I hope it wont be a scam , concept is nice and if they work, it will grow more..
May 27th 2011 19:31   
Ali Raza Committed   Affiliate Marketer, Networker
Support has disappeared since last week and no revenue share of Hitcrawler given for June so far........ Therefore, not recommended any more........... Will update if they come up again........ so far, I think they have RIP............. :(
Jul 4th 2011 03:54   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
why am I not surprised? looks like they took the money and run...
Jul 4th 2011 06:55   
Ali Raza Committed   Affiliate Marketer, Networker
hmm May be :( The concept and idea was good , if they would have worked on it honestly, they would make much more but ..........
Lets see what it brings, still they are paying members reaching min payout but no revenues for HitCrawler paid so far which was the main attraction to join for many.........
Jul 5th 2011 03:25   
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