Tagvillage, More Than Facebook

by Bob Mateer Consultant
The idea is to let you continue to use Facebook as always but gives you the ability to search the Internet, make money, and contribute to your favorite charity without ever leaving your Facebook page.
Recommended Features
  • Charitable Donations
  • Make money from day to day activities
  • Buy and Sell Tags (keywords)
  • Earn points for on site use.
  • Different modes for different activities
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Review on Tagvillage, More Than Facebook

One thing that is being emphasized is the Tagvillages commitment to charitable contributions. They have declared that 10% of their GROSS income will go to designated charities. They will begin with about 10 charities chosen by the company and encourage members to designate their own favorite charity. At first they will accept only major charitable organizations, but as the site develops, individual favorite charities will be permitted. More on this in future issues.

Regarding the site launch schedule. The soft launch scheduled for Dec 15th will present the site to the general public for the first time. They will be accepting new sign ups at this time, so early members can begin recruiting new referrals immediately.

The trading and selling of tags will be functional at this time. As a matter of reference, in the Tagvillage world, a tag is what other sites call a keyword. This is where early membership will be an advantage, since the first 5,000 members can immediately begin this process and not have to wait for their membership to be effective.

Also at this time the search engine will be operational. Tagvillage will not force members to wait while they experiment with the engine as others have done. It will be a fully functioning search engine capable of searching the entire Internet and returning meaningful content. The Facebook API will NOT be functional at this time.

On Jan 1, 2011, being referred to as Beta 1, some basic Facebook activities will be added, and members can begin to get the feel of how the site operates.

On February 1st, all social activities will be operational. Members can request their own charitable causes and begin to accumulate points. The points feature will be covered in an upcoming issue. At this time securing web traffic will be critical so as to show potential advertisers that a good market share is likely.

March 1st, the site becomes fully functional with all aspects in operation. Tagvillage begins to accept advertising.

Added, Dec 11.

If you purchase Tagvillage Credits for use on Facebook API systems or for the purchase of advertising, Tags, etc., you will be allowed to refund 100% of your purchase at any time with NO QUESTIONS ASKED for up to 60 days. We will promptly refund your money to you using the exact method of payment from which we received your payment (PayPal, AlertPay, ACH Bank Draft, Mailed Check, etc.).

In the instance that you submit a refund request, you agree that you will forfeit any Tagvillage Credits associated with the refunded amount and any Tags, Advertisements, or other items associated with said Credits.

New - Dec 12.

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS are coming on Monday, December 13th, 2010 at 8:00 PM Central Time. Those who attend a special webinar being held on the topic will get the news first. One of the announcements involves a way to instantly begin earning money with tagvillage! You dont want to miss out.

New - Dec 13.

Major program updates are being anno0unced today. Tagvillage is preparing their platform for member earnings and commissions. In just a few days commencement of certain activities will begin to produce earnings for many members. Please do not miss out on this great new opportunity to earn some significant money.

New - Dec 14.

Tagvillage announced that it will be unable to do the promised soft launch tomorrow due to a software glitch. All aspects of the site are expected to be ready for the full launch on January 1, 2011.
New - Dec 15
Did you know that if you belong to tagvillage, you cannot recruit referrals unless you are a paid member? To be assigned a web page with referring capabilities a minimum $25 payment is necessary. However, if you DO NOT intend on recruiting,no payment is necessary, now or in the future. Your payments also let you begin buying tags immediately upon launch.

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Al Hamilton Advanced   Online Marketing
Getting my link today--Very excited about this Company.
Dec 9th 2010 06:51   
Ginny Williams Committed   Affiliate and Network Marketing
This looks really interesting and I'll look into more.
Dec 9th 2010 07:07   
Ginny Williams Committed   Affiliate and Network Marketing
Okay, I joined and I'm going thru everythng now, thanks for the invite and this great Rev page!
Dec 9th 2010 07:12   
Joel Lloyd Calija Committed   Internet Marketer
referral link will not work unless you buy a Credits.
Dec 9th 2010 07:18   
Al Hamilton Advanced   Online Marketing
Correct--this will be during pre & soft-launch only. Free memberships will not be active until official launch on the 1st of Jan. I suggest that you watch a recorded webinar, or catch a live one, then decide if funding your account to take advantage of pre-launch is a good move for your business plan.
Dec 9th 2010 07:24   
Ginny Williams Committed   Affiliate and Network Marketing
I didn't have any trouble.
Dec 9th 2010 07:24   
Harish M. Committed   Seo freelancer and web development
need to check, why more than facebook.
Dec 9th 2010 07:42   
Ginny Williams Committed   Affiliate and Network Marketing
Then they tell you, that you have to pay to activate your referral link.
Dec 9th 2010 07:45   
Harish M. Committed   Seo freelancer and web development
This is not good at all, if u have to pay.
Dec 9th 2010 07:48   
Bob Mateer Advanced   Consultant
The buy in is not a requirement for membership. It simply lets people who sign up during the pre-launch get a jump on those who come in after Dec 15th. You also get a 5% bonus added to your purchase. Membership will always be free if you wait until after Dec 15th.
Dec 9th 2010 09:25   
Bob Mateer Advanced   Consultant
If you have joined Tagvillage, you are invited to join our Facebook group. Lots of good information and discussions gong on. Get it here -
Dec 9th 2010 09:33   
Bob Mateer Advanced   Consultant
I guess the link can't be shown here. Sorry. But you can search on Facebook for this group - Tagvillage-r's
Dec 9th 2010 09:34   
Bob Mateer Advanced   Consultant
Tagvillage is growing at such a rate the developers believe they will be closing the pre-launch memberships before the 15th. that will mean they signed up the announced 5,000 members in less than one week!
Dec 9th 2010 18:59   
Bob Mateer Advanced   Consultant
Thanks ginny and guys funny for signing up as my referrals. Here's to our great success together in this new venture!
Dec 10th 2010 05:51   
Ginny Williams Committed   Affiliate and Network Marketing
You're welcome and let's start building
Dec 10th 2010 06:34   
Bob Mateer Advanced   Consultant
Make sure you check the News section of your Tagvillage back office. There are details there on a new webinar being held on Monday. Some significant changes will be announced. Don't miss it!
Dec 11th 2010 06:03   
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