Tagvillage Revenue System

by Vince Huff
Tagvillage is offering an incredible opportunity to its members, advertisers and website publishers. Currently with 26,000+ members & growing daily. Beta advertiser & publisher test about to commence!
Recommended Features
  • 60,000 Advertisers Waiting on the Tagvertising Platform!
  • 50% of Ad Revenue CPC to Publisher!
  • 20% of Ad Revenue CPC to Tag Owner!
  • 5% of Ad Revenue CPC from your referrels!
  • Tags starting at a low cost price $0.10 & increase in 30% increments!
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Review on Tagvillage Revenue System

Have you ever considered the fact that Google makes over $1 Billion every single month from advertisers who target keywords? Every single time someone searches for something on Google advertisements are displayed on the page from advertisers who tell Google to display their ads when the keywords they wish to target are entered into the search. At tagvillage, they are building an entire website around this same concept. However, they are going beyond keywords into a new concept they call Tags. So, eventually, anytime anyone types a Tag into a search, conversation, blog, or anywhere else, advertisements will display that target those Tags.

How does this benefit there members? Well, the simple answer is that it could make them money! They allow there members to trade Tags for two reasons:

1. To make money when they sell Tags.
2. To make money from advertisers.

If they buy good quality Tags, other members will want to own them and will pay you a premium for them. Every time they sell a Tag, they will earn 15% over the cost they paid for it. Additionally, every time an advertiser is charged for an advertisement that targets a Tag that they own, they will make a commission from the sale of that advertisement. So, as you can see, the main reason to trade Tags is that there are 2 ways for them to make money!

Also all tagvillage members who purchase tagvillage Credits from tagvillage to purchase advertisements, as well as tangible and virtual goods, services, licenses and Tags. If you purchase tagvillage Credits from tagvillage you will be allowed to refund 100% of your unused purchased Credits at any time with NO QUESTIONS ASKED for up to 60 days.

Why advertise with tagvillage?

-30% average lower cost than Google and Bing prices
-5% residual commission when you refer other advertisers and publishers
-10% of every dollar you spend is donated to charitable causes

Why publish tagvillage ads on your site?

-35% higher click-through rates than competing networks means more revenue for you
-5% residual commission when you refer other publishers and advertisers
-10% of every dollar your ads generate is donated to charitable causes

My personal Review:
I have been a tagvillage member from the beginning of the websites release. I have watched the site grow & share blessings with so many charities over that time. The business has a sound business plan & offers anybody of all income levels to gain a share of the worlds advertisement revenue. Tagvillage has world class developers onboard & executive officers, board & staff to lead them to the top. I am proud to be a tagvillage member & promote the ideals & principles they portray to the world by being the worlds first truly tithing company & donating 10% of all company profits to charities of the members choice. Want to truly make a difference to your ad revenue & also help charities?

Then join TODAY!

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Tagvillage Launching soon!
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Manali Patel Senior  SEO firm
Nice information you @vince have shared with us and thanks to make us known about such platform where one can make the advertisement and also can earn money.
Dec 24th 2011 00:22   
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Thank you for sharing. Some things i didnt know yet.
Dec 25th 2011 00:20   
Christina J. Advanced  Internet Marketer
I own a few tags, just need to sell them
Dec 29th 2011 02:26   
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