Start Your Own Web Hosting Biz

by Lemont Wells Web Desinger & Affiliate Marketer
Full Whois Control Full DNS Control Create Your Own DNS like: dns1/ dns2/ A, MX, CNAME Records Control Domain Locking & EPP key
Recommended Features
  • Set Your Prices
  • VPS, Cloud Hosting
  • Domain Names
  • SLL Certificates
  • Dedicated Servers
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Review on Start Your Own Web Hosting Biz

Our Free Reseller Program allows you to run your own private-label web hosting company without having to necessarily register a domain name with us. If you decide to rely on our turn-key ready-made templates for your online reseller hosting store's purposes, you'll be free to use our default store URL, which does not require any financial investment on your part. This is perfect for web hosting resellers who plan to use the remote forms, or already have a domain name, which they want to use with our program. Your Host BIZ Today

When you start your own hosting business with us you get:
2. ICann Acredited Registrar
3. Company been in busines servral years.
4. Data Centers in USA, Eruope
5. 24/7 support to help you
6. Offers Free Reseller & Paid Reseller Hosting
7. Free reseller Store front
8. You set pricing and packages to offer your clients.
9. Nothing for you to buy or install to get started.
10. Sell Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Domain Names and more.
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John Dallas Professional   
i like this and i'll check this out later
Jan 19th 2011 10:46   
Laura Newton Committed  The Water Filter Lady
Thank you for sharing this Lemont. I'm going to take a deeper look at it.
Jan 19th 2011 11:03   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
It does look interesting :) I never considered web hosting, your RevPage is food for thought, Lemont, thanks
Jan 19th 2011 11:21   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Jan 19th 2011 11:21   
Iwan Kristian Advanced   Freelance
I like this information, I will to learn more about this information.
Jan 19th 2011 19:33   
Alirio Benavides Enriquez Advanced    ***
I'm glad you took the time to read this...

because I just wanted to say - you're awesome.

I really appreciate that you read my emails, and I
wanted to share .
Jan 19th 2011 20:16   
Roshan Prasad Advanced   Marketing Manager+Computer Administrator
i am very intrested to do home based data entry job.
Jan 20th 2011 00:12   
Vikram G. Senior   BUSINESS OWNER
Jan 20th 2011 02:28   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
@Aassshu, you always write that exact same word for word comment everywhere you go. I reported you for abuse for post unrelated to content of article.

@Alirio, as usual, you don't care about what you read, you come to advertise your link(s). Reported for abuse. :(
Jan 20th 2011 05:04   
Joe Sansoucie Professional   Advertising Your Business Is My Business
You know, I tried reselling hosting once and in reality it was a real hassle. People can be a real pain when it comes to their domains. If you seriously considering this line of work online, be sure you do your homework. Bandwidth comes in grades like gasoline. Cheap hosting always uses the lowest cost bandwidth possible, which may sound like a good idea until certain parts of the world can't get to your customers websites. Bandwidth is charged like airtime on your cell phone. If you get someone who loads up a spam script, you could eat up 1500 dollars worth of even the cheap junk in less than a day. Guess what, if your customer uses that much and of course you will want them to pay right? Hmmm then why does your site say unlimited everything? There are a lot of traps to reselling domains and hosting. I'm not saying you can't do it, but let's look at your competition who of course has a NASCAR spokes model, and TV advertising budget in the millions, Go daddy. If you want to make money online there are easier ways lol. But hey, do your homework, figure out what ICANN is and how it affects you, brush up on your BASH commands, and be sure you have an IT in your pocket. Interesting business but you got to be sharp and alert since most web data centers experience 100 attempted hacks per day. I was shocked when I was told believe me but it's the truth.
Jan 20th 2011 05:18   
Etool Citi Advanced   
Nice Posting Written By You like to read this one
Jan 20th 2011 06:54   
Lemont Wells Senior   Web Desinger & Affiliate Marketer
@Joe I think you talking about years ago web hostinjg today is very affordable believe it or not and for one matter everyone isnt concerned who has a NASCAR soke person or a TV model do adverting for them. Today people arent dumb and blind about starting a web hosting biz as they were years ago.
For the record it not how many millions of customers a hosting company have it wether it can deliver the product and services it offers.
I been offering web hosting and building websites for a number of years.
Most big hosting companiesare lieing like dogs to people with saying they giving them unlimited evereything when most severers can only hold 300 websites each. And I know of no hosting company on this planet that is giving away free servers to each website owner so they can have unlimted everything it all advertising hype.

Free reseller hosting we offer gives what we say nothing less.
I have hosted all my own websites and client websites on these servers for years.
nough said. Free reseller hosting to all who are looking to jump start there hosting biz. Than move on to regular hosting, VPS etc.
Jan 20th 2011 08:30   
Inta Diza Advanced   
program very much, and certainly this is good, but for myself it is enough, I can not verify. Good luck in business!
Jan 20th 2011 08:49   
Inta Diza Advanced   
program very much, and certainly this is good, but for myself it is enough, I can not verify. Good luck in business!
Jan 20th 2011 09:32   
Lalbiakmawia Khupchawng Junior   
Too good to be true... Maybe i'll read more and use like a pro...
Jan 20th 2011 14:26   
Udo Hoffmann Magnate I   Erudite polymath
wow, you make it sound so easy and simple to do
Jan 20th 2011 15:29   
white rose Senior   beautician
thanks for this useful information will look fwd :) for it
Jan 21st 2011 07:38   
Yoginder Aggarwal Advanced  Surgical and Fitness Goods
W o W !

What A Great Site !!

I Like It Too Much !!!
Jan 21st 2011 08:23   
Lalbiakmawia Khupchawng Junior   
This is what i am talking about... thanks for sharing... I'll look for it deeply..
Jan 21st 2011 09:37   
Tony Dy Senior   networker
They are very good information very good, thank you very much
Jan 21st 2011 10:24   
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