Let We all share a word with each other about the latest happenings around us, discuss about the latest movie we saw, and what we did yesterday, but it never fetches us any money. But, here's a way to
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Let We all share a word with each other about the latest happenings around us, discuss about the latest movie we saw, and what we did yesterday, but it never fetches us any money. But, here's a way to make money just by socializing!

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Dear GlobalNetwork, You have received a payment of Rs. 495 from Divine Power Paid to: Bank A/C No: XXXXXXXXX Bank:STATE BANK OF INDIA Thank You, Divine Power Team



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William Hooper Advanced   
cool page nice idea but i don't know about joining.
May 19th 2011 05:18   
Roshan Prasad Advanced   Marketing Manager+Computer Administrator
very good news for all viewer i am also very excited like this
May 20th 2011 04:07   
Heather Clark Committed   Clarks Handmade Gifts
It sounds interesting, but it mentioned spiritual in the heading, but in explaining I didn't read anything about that. I don't think I would join, but good luck anyway!
May 20th 2011 04:07   
Vishwajeet Kumar Magnate I   Blogger
Nice Concept! I like it, But Is Their Any Lifetime income opportunity here in this concept.
May 20th 2011 04:08   
Arenamu Odion Advanced   web designer
In my opinion, there is no such thing as a social media expert
May 21st 2011 08:45   
There are so many sites claiming to pay you to socialize, I have yet to really earn any money. Nothing beats a try, but a miss.
Thanks, Marie
May 21st 2011 08:45   
Arenamu Odion Advanced   web designer
Interesting reading all the suggestions. I used to be a bit cynical
May 21st 2011 08:46   
Dijana Rajicic Senior   Sffilste finance
Interestingly, thanks, later returns to find out more about your system.
May 21st 2011 08:46   
J J Brown Advanced   SEO & Wireless Professional
Social networking is KEY to survival, if you want to get ahead these days you need to know what you are doing online.
May 22nd 2011 07:24   
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