Smart Media Desktop Features

by Steve Shoemaker
Smart Media Technologies Created The Smart Media Desktop And The Other Upcoming Products To Offer The Users A Great Web Experience And Their Reps Great Streams Of Income.
Recommended Features
  • Personal Branding Sections For Your Websites And Videos Your Product Or Business Information Always Available
  • Clickable Banner For Your Business Or Product On The Home Page Of The Smart Media Desktop
  • Get Paid When Others Surf The Web Or Access The Great Features Of The Smart Media Destop
  • New Mobile Application With All The Branding And Educational Features And Get Paid When People Use It
  • The New Home Page Pays Feature People Change Their Homepage You Get Paid So Do They
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Review on Smart Media Desktop Features

The Smart Media Desktop developed by Smart Media Technologies is currently under going some major changes that will benefit it's reps and free members alike.

Combine these changes with all of the personal branding features the Smart Media Desktop offers like the ability to place the reps clickable banners for any product they want to promote on any of the Smart Media Technologies products they want to give away.

Also the pay per click and pay and per impression feature that pays the rep anytime someone uses the Smart Media Desktop or the new mobile application or the Home Page Pays feature which will also pay the FREE user as well just to switch their home page and use it.

When you add all of this up you are looking at being able to offer someone the ultimate online experience either on their computer or phone and get paid in the process.

So lets access some of these features shall we?


-Stunning new Next Generation iPad-type interface

-Ability to have Multiple Desktop Screens open at the same time

-Your Personally Branded Desktop Background for all your Free Members

-Customizable content for your Free Members to see the whole time they use your free gift

-Brand New Menu Sections, such as the Super Browser, Social Media, Entertainment, Education, Bargain Finder, Communication, Software, Live Help and Settings

-Expanded Education section for the student in the house

*And when people want to access these feature and they will the rep who gave them the Smart Media Desktop will get paid for them using it.

Now for the powerful Smart Media Browser:

-More bells and whistles than Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome all put together!

-Exciting New Sleek Interface.

-Live Content feature that allows the user to receive the best content from the Web such as Sports, Health, Financial and Tech News all in Real-Time.

-One Click access to the Top Social Networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube.

*One Click access to Smart Media Desktop Features such as Education, Entertainment, Live Help all of this fully integrated and when free members use the Smart Media Technologies rep gets paid.


-Will include many of the features of the Smart Media Desktop such as the online education, games and music.

-Will have the Smart Library feature that can be accessed to learn about computers, social networks

-Fully brandable to the rep who gave it away so their information and banners are displayed.

-Will include the powerful 3.0 Smart Media Browser.

*Will also include the pay per click and pay per impression feature so the rep who gives the Mobile App away gets paid when others use it.

-This will be launched in late 2011.


Will be launched Sept. 2011.

-The HomePagePays feature offers free users the ability to change their home page to one that will offer them a massive benefit.

-Not only will they have access to all the great features of the Smart Media Desktop at the click of a mouse such as:

Online Games
Online Music
Training Videos on social networks, computers and software
The Powerful 3.0 Super Browser
The Visual Bookmark System

-They will have the mutual benefit of getting paid whenever they surf the web from the homepage and not only that the Smart Media Technologies rep gets paid as well.

-And the homepage is branded to the Smart Media Technologies rep like the Smart Media Desktop so the reps offers, products or business is always displayed and in view every time the free member uses it.

I hope this Smart Media Desktop and Smart Media Technologies overview has been helpful.

As you can see with the features above this is a great way to brand and advertise any business by giving away something of great value and with the release of HomePagePays free users can share in the revenue as well.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Shoemaker

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