Small yogurt production line

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Small yoghurt production line, full set of dairy processing equipment. Yogurt is made from fresh milk, inoculated with lactic acid bacteria, and fermented under certain conditions.
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  • This process does not produce gas. Therefore, if the yoghurt bought by the supermarket or produced by the family appears to be bagged,
  • it should be Is infected with gas-producing bacteria, such yogurt is not suitable for drinking spoiled yogurt. Yogurt is very easy to spoil.
  • The complete set of dairy processing equipment should be stored in a freezer at 2 ~ 6 . In the hot summer, some customers give up the yogurt after taking it out of the freezer,
  • which results in the yogurt being left in the normal temperature environment for a long time. It is not difficult to explain why the yogurt may deteriorate during the shelf life.
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Small yogurt production line Yogurt is made from fresh milk and added beneficial bacteria to the milk after pasteurization. A milk product that is cooled and filled after fermentation. During the fermentation of yogurt, about 20% of the sugar and protein in the milk are hydrolyzed into small molecules. After fermentation, the fatty acids in yogurt can be doubled compared to raw milk. These changes make yogurt easier to digest and absorb

The temperature and time of milk sterilization of small yogurt production lines must be strictly controlled. Otherwise, the purpose of disinfection will not be achieved, and the nutritional content of milk will be destroyed. This is because: First, the long-term high-temperature boiling will change the protein in the milk from a sol state to a gel state, resulting in a large amount of protein coagulation and precipitation; the second is the calcium in fresh milk is electrostatically combined with casein to form The human body can digest and absorb calcium casein, and compared with sterilized milk, milk that has been boiled for a long time is reduced by about 20% in caseware, and the calcium is mostly calcium salts that are difficult for the body to digest and absorb. Time boiling will also cause lactose to coke and decompose, with low nutritional value. Fourth, it will destroy many vitamins including vitamin A. Therefore, in principle, sterilized milk can be drunk directly without boiling. If you need to warm up, just put the bagged cows in hot water at 50 60 for a while, and you are done.

After the normal operation and acceptance of the small-scale yogurt production line equipment, our company assigns professional engineers to provide on-site maintenance and operation training for your organization without restrictions on personnel. A full set of dairy processing equipment organizes company training twice a year. The training content includes knowledge of the correct operation of the equipment; identification of primary fail

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