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1. Do not starve more to maintain the course of metabolism in the body.
2. Drink something bitter before meals. Example: Coffee
3. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
4. Do not drink carbonated beverages.
5. Reduce consumption of salt in food.
6. Recommended for breakfast.
7. Eating food should be slowly, so the body will quickly give satiety cues.
8. Eat a hamburger.
9. Cancel tastes like eating by chewing mint.
10. Remember that you should not consume margarine.
11. When eating in restaurants or hotels, book lemon juice or orange juice because the sour drinks will beat burning fat.
12. Fruits and vegetables are sources of vitamins, minerals and low fat content.
13. Do you weigh every day because no changes will be visible, instead there will be stress.
14. Eating foods that contain herbs such rempahan chilli, mustard seeds and black pepper that can burn calories.
15. Boil and steam is the best way to cook your menu.
16. When choosing a plate to eat, choose a flat plate instead of a concave plate. And eat while watching tv.
17. Apart from giving the opportunity to eliminate the food, customs stroll after dinner will help to spend some calories from the food. For every 25 steps you walk, will reduce the calories in your body, even more so if you climb the stairs.
18. Especially for women who need to be considered is reducing nature of shopping and cooking.
19. To restore the abdomen, back movement of light but longer would be more effective. Exercise can be done with tools. This movement may be confused with the movement of hula-hula dancers who have the stomach smaller and beautiful.
20. Reduce consuming one tablespoon of sugar for every 32 pounds of sugar contain adequate calories.
21. Some aktifititas easy to trim, ie brisk walking, climbing stairs, up the elevator, swimming, gymnastics or stretching, and horseback riding.
22. Lemon juice can reduce your weight. How: Provide two seeds of lemon juice or lemon kasturi every day, after that dairy juice into a glass of cold water and then input into a glass. And drink it every time when you eat lunch and dinner.
23. Take 3 teaspoons Chinese and soak it in water. Tapestry and mix with lemon juice water juice of this. Drink it twice a day, namely at the time before breakfast and before bed.
24. Tamarind juice is also good to be used as a daily beverage. Tamarind water will reduce levels of fat in your body. How: Take Sebuku tamarind, ramas into the water as much as one glass. Enter into a glass and you drink after lunch and dinner.
25. Can also green tea or Chinese tea combined with cinnamon powder and honey.

AGENCY AFTER slim maternity
1. How: Take 5 Chinese ginger, 10 grains of black pepper, 30 fish bilis. Overall it in mashed to pieces, lemon juice and dairy water. And eat with hot rice in the morning and evening.
2. Take a little lime lemon lime feed and grain that has been in the dairy, and lime and lemon are mixed well in the mix until blended. After that in gogok at around stomach before bed, let it dry until morning.
3. Take lemon juice mixed with unsweetened tea to drink each day.

1. Eliminate acne how: Take a little honey and mixed with the powder cool.
2. Take the original yogurt then broom the entire portion of the face. Make like a mask and leave a few minutes until the yogurt is dry and then wash my face with clean water. Repeat every 3 times a week, it would appear the results because your face will look smooth, radiant and fresh.
3. Drink coconut milk, coconut water not coconut water because it may be used as your face. At first take the coconut water and brush to your face. Allow to dry. After that, then wash your face, the wrinkles on your face will beransur lost.
4. Take eating tomatoes and a broom in front of the morning and night, then your face will become slippery and smooth.
5. Take the eggs are colored red, how to separate the egg white and rub on your face, then take a cotton face and place it on the face such as wearing a mask, after which the broom back above mentioned egg white cotton face so wet, and allow it to dry, the cotton stick in the face will be like a face mask, when in the open later. As a result we can see in the mask, where there headwhite and dirt found on the face. After that, wash your face with hot water and brush the lemon juice and wash again, then wipe your face with a clean cloth. Do it once a day, then your face will not be covered with acne and skin will be white and creamy and tense face of sagging skin.
6. Take the morning dew on the tip of grass or leaves in areas with no pollution and brush your hand ditapak. Then brush on the face and allow it to dry. Then wash your face.
7. Take the cinnamon and dip into the water, then brush abrasion and cinnamon which have eroded in a speckled black and acne.
8. Each morning wake up drink three glasses of cold water before washing face and brushing teeth. After he was then preparing for a bath.
9. You should always smile even if you are facing many problems. A smile is a gift.
10. Eating fruits and fresh fish can help us to look younger than actual age.
11. Take a cucumber, then grate the existing content in the seed and mix with half a lemon and fresh powder. And brush every night in advance.
12. You need to get young coconut pistil pistils and young coconut asahlah it in stone until destroyed, then smear on your face.

Way to take the fruit of pineapple and lemon lime that has been squeezed, brush on the growth of these moles. Do 2 or 3 times a day so he separated himself.

Lips chap RED
1. Take margarine and brush a little butter on your lips before bed. Do it every day and see the results.
2. Take three pieces of betel leaf, red dairy water then brush on the lips at night. Make every day.
3. Take the ginger and mashed up mashed up to remove water, then brush on your lips every night before going to bed and allow it to dry itself.
4. To moisturize lips, you take the honey and brush on your lips every night.

FEATHER fertilize forehead
1. Every woman wants beautiful brow hairs and arranged without shaved so to make it a reality, the way is to take Aloe vera leaves and then squeezed to cling and brush on your forehead every night.
2. Take grain hard fruit, grilled until charred by using a stick that is clean, rub or grind down the hard fruit tu. Then brush on the forehead. Do it a few days.

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