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Have you heard of SFI (Strong Future International)? I just signed up as an affiliate with them. They have a really interesting business model that allows you to earn extra money working at home on yo
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I had almost given up on finding a REAL home business on the Internet...but here's one that IS legitimate and has actually been working great for me!
I've been seeing some good results from my new home business...thought you might be interested in checking this out as a possible business of your own.

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Dave Saunders Professional   Internet Marketer
Great business and lots to learn here. Only for serious marketers not for get rich lookers.
May 30th 2013 01:35   
Margo Dae Johnson Committed   Mom, Consultant, Writer, Affiliate
Not to discourage you....I personally busted my butt for SFI for almost a year and had a huge downline, sold tons of products and I made squat! I wish you the best of luck with your venture. I definitely hope your experience it way better than mine;-)
May 30th 2013 07:37   
Tim McCardle Innovator  Internet Marketer, Website Owner,
Wow, I have been an affiliate of theirs for awhile, but never really got into it, but decided to last night so I sent over 3 million emails last night promoting SFI, so I guess that was a waste of 3 minutes and 50 cents, if Margo's experience is any indication. If you want to know how I sent so many emails so fast check out my profile and go to the advertising role, then use the link that ends in safelist submitter. You can email over 3 million people everyday for like $15 a month, it's a great service.
May 30th 2013 10:10   
Dave Saunders Professional   Internet Marketer
That's strange because I earn from several streams of income there including selling my own products.
May 30th 2013 16:59   
Korey Spikes Committed   Social Media Marketing Specialist
@Tim McCardle: I am not sure how you were not able to get anyone to sign up under you if you sent 3 million emails. I am sure that number is an over exaggeration seeing as there is no advertising link in your profile and second. No service in their right mind would charge $0.50 to send 3,000,000 emails! SFI is a really good program and here is why I have trouble believing that you even tried it.

SFI is a free opportunity. They pride themselves on the fact that they can provide a free membership that still allows you to make money. Some people never have to spend a dime. Of course, there are incentives, just like any other program on the internet, to spend an extra $40 a month. Maybe you should have spent more time focusing on the niche you are promoting. If indeed you did send 3,000,000 email for only $0.50, they were not in the "Internet Income" niche. These are usually the most expensive leads and lists to purchase.

Not trying to be rude, just stating the obvious that comes along with knowing what SFI is and what the niche is all about. Welcome to APSense, I hope that your connections here are lasting business relationships!
May 31st 2013 06:07   
Margo Dae Johnson Committed   Mom, Consultant, Writer, Affiliate
I know I personally promoted SFI continuously and I had over 17 people in my downline, not counted those that I co-sponsored. I also have my own products posted on TP and never sold a thing of my own but i did sell others things and I also got people to sign up as ECA's
(my sign up stuff is
PRICEBENDER WINNERPAGE PROMOTE LINK: www. tripleclicks. com/ 12130366 /pbwin
tripliclicks http:// www. tripleclicks. com/ 12130366 refer items and store
TCONNECT PAGE: http:// www. tripleclicks. com/TConnect Mbr.php?sfiid= 12130366)

I posted these for proof that I have been a part of it as you commented and said you didnt believe Tim because there were no links on his page, you won't find any links on mine either,..anymore as I removed them, my point being that just because they are not there doesn't mean he isn't doing it. I just found it rude that you try to say he isn't doing something because YOU can't find it! Also there IS a safelist mailer that claims for $15 a month you can send to 3,000,000 others, whether it really sends to that many who knows, i can't think of the name because it has been a while since I used safelist mailers.
I know MANY OTHERS who have tried with SFI for years (one lady almost two years and she said that no matter what she did she cldnt make over $10-$15 a month, she is a member on Apsense and IBO, she advertised everywhere and had a huge downline, she spent more money every month then she brought in.

YES you need to spend to earn with SFI! They claim that you don't BUT IF YOU WANT TO EARN MONEY YOU NEED TO INVEST!!

I believe that everyones experience is different and I wish it had worked for me, i spent 15 hours a day on the interent trying to make money with SFI and a few other things and over the last few months have decided to freelance (not through content mills either) I seem to make alot more $$$ this way.

I wish anyone luck with SFI and if you are succeeding then instead of degrading others who are trying, why not help them. Give them tips, mentor them. Isn't helping others the whole point anyway or am I the only one that believes helping others earn also helps you earn??

Best of luck to everyone NO MATTER WHO OR WHAT COMPANY OR JOURNEY YOU TAKE ONLINE!!! I am willing to help when and if I can,..this is for everyone!
May 31st 2013 06:45   
Tim McCardle Innovator  Internet Marketer, Website Owner,
@Korey Spikes . I didn't say that I didn't get anyone to sign up when I sent the emails, I was commenting on what Margo said because she indicated that even though she had a huge downline, she made no money.

You can find the safelist submitter under my roles in my profile. I don't see how emailing 3+million leads for 50 cents is expensive, but maybe you don't have great math skills.
I wish I could post the link here since you claim that it is not possible. I rely on multiple income streams that generate a pretty nice amount of cash, but I'm doing this to create long term residual wealth.

I am a member of SFI, and I'm not a big fan of doing silly tasks to earn worthless points. If you are making money with SFI, that's great, but I am generating income from about a dozen different sources.

I have been doing this since 2005, and I actually started by selling candles that my ex wife made on a site that I built. I'm guessing that you were in Middle School at the time, but it was a great time for small business on the internet.

Because I knew how to use the special tags in Adwords, I dominated the online candle business. It got so big that the industry leader bought me out for quite a nice sum. Web 2.0, or so it's called is different, but again, I have figured out how to make thousands of dollars a week using nothing but free advertising and affiliate programs. If SFI is your Holy Grail, then I hope you have success.

I don't know why you attacked my comment that was just a response to what Margo said. I don't have time to play around earning versa points because I'm busy making money.

I just signed up here so I accidentally deleted your comment from my profile, but I sincerely hope that you read this.

Margo made a comment, and it just so happened that the night before I finally decided to promote SFI because multiple income streams are the key to making the money that I do, and my viral ads had everything else covered.

I assume that you are not making any money because you gotta hate. You should check the post I made in some group tonight if you would like to make some money and stop being so angry that you spend all day earning silly points. I like programs that pay me for helping others make money.

If you want success in affiliate marketing, it's all about helping others to be successful, and hateful comments aren't the best way to make friends.

I am doing well because I help other people make money, and information like Margo's post is very valuable. Hateful garbage doesn't help anyone.

The way I see it is that we should all help each other because I make money when I teach other people to make money. My list is where I make real money from, but I test things out on my safelist submitter before I recommend anything to my list. I make sure that affiliate programs actually make my downline money because otherwise they wouldn't join the programs I suggest.

Margo's comment was very helpful, and I imagine that she is doing well because she isn't making hateful comments for no reason. I never said what my results were, but you made the claim that I got no refs. The people didn't even have a chance to open the emails when I made that comment.

I wish you all the success, but I hope you learn that the key to affiliate marketing is relationships, and I have a good relationship with my list because I test things before I recommend them.

I guess you haven't heard that "the money is in the list". If you need any help, I have re-seller rights to about 2,000 books about internet marketing that might help you out.

I usually give them away for free, but I will give you a special deal. I figure that posting this wasted 20 minutes of my time, and that is worth about $200, so let me know what part of internet marketing that you are having problems with and I will gladly sell you a book for the price that you have earned.

You can look for me on all the social marketing sites, and realize that I am new to all of this. I think my Facebook page is a month old, but because I find good programs that have low start up costs and good income potential, and then I recommend them to one of my lists(I have two autoresponders because one of my favorite programs uses one, and another favorite uses another). I have been building my lists for 3 years and since the kind of advertising I use doesn't take up much time, I decided that I needed to expand into the social media sites.

Like I said, I just started, but give me 3 months and I will be branded everywhere because I help other people instead of talking smack for no reason.

Margo's comment was honest and helpful, but since you didn't like the fact that someone doesn't like your precious SFI, you start attacking people. Again, I'm new to this social stuff, but I have enough common sense to know that you aren't making any money and don't have any to get involved in anything other than a free site that sells junk.

Because you are a member, I don't want to be associated with SFI, so I am going to delete my account. If anyone from SFI is monitoring this, let it be known that I deleted my 2 year old SFI account because it seems like a child's game, and Korey Spikes is the reason why. When someone is that angry, it's obvious that he is having no success.

Korey, I hope you have all the success in the world and make some money so you stop being so bitter.

To everyone's success,
Jun 5th 2013 03:03   
Korey Spikes Committed   Social Media Marketing Specialist
First off, I would like to clearify a couple of things.

I AM NOT AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF SFI. I have not been an active member of SFI since 2007. Yes, I have reopened my account a couple of times just to check out the "changes" that I read about when I come across random updates and such.

Second, I do not appreciate you assuming that I was in middle school in 2005. For you to come into this community and comment on someones age, and how it pertains to making money online, you definitely are new to this social thing.

I am not a hater of anyone or anything. You do no know me. You do not know what I am capable of in life or in my work here at home.

I apologize that I read your comment wrong, and assumed that you did not get any sign ups with you safelist campaign. I did not say that $0.50 was expensive, I said that it is unbelievable. I have never, in the 7 years that I have been making money online, seen a 3,000,000 mailing for half a dollar. This may be because I focus on quality of my ads and not quantity.

It is great that you have been in business for so long online. I know first hand that it is hard and takes a lot of time to build.

I am not sure why you wasted your time writing me back. I do not see how your time is worth $200. Looking at your profile, you seem to be a liar and someone who has delusions of grandeur when it comes to working at home.

You have 20 connections, but yet have a great relationship with your list? I do not know about that. Wouldn't you want to send out an invite to that AMAZING list of yours so that you can add another stream of income to your so called "dozen or so" programs? You are a waist of my time. You are a waste of APSense's time and I do not appreciate it.

Come talk to me when you are making $450 commissions per sale. Not a measly $0.003 per email opened from your "paid to read" silly programs that you promote. These are the programs that people are drawn into because they are told that they don't have to do anything but click.

Well, if you want to learn how to really work for your money online, and not from a silly blogging platform that you pay $25 a month for that is just a install of WordPress on a domain that isn't even yours, let me know. I can assist you in making money.

I usually do this for free, but I will give you a good deal! My time is priceless, so don't even bother!
Jun 6th 2013 04:01   
Janie Marshall Advanced  Club Shop Rewards
You know I have seen the ad many time but this is the first time I have realized what SFI actually stood for. Thanks.
Jun 12th 2013 17:38   
Dave Saunders Professional   Internet Marketer
Hi Margo,

I am interested in knowing where you felt your SFI business did not work for you. I am fully committed to SFI and knowing what obstacles others faced with their business is a great learning curve for both me and my team.

If you are willing to share your information I would be very honored.

Jun 13th 2013 06:56   
Margo Dae Johnson Committed   Mom, Consultant, Writer, Affiliate

If you go to my SFI page you can see how much work I put into it. I think my biggest problem was my team members. They never followed through. I personally can not bust my tail off and get no where because I am trying to get the others to work. I was an amazing leader to them. I emailed them all about once a week, unless I posted something new.

I wish it had worked for me. who knows maybe someday I'll give it a shot again;-(
Jun 13th 2013 08:48   
Margo Dae Johnson Committed   Mom, Consultant, Writer, Affiliate
@ Dave here is my sfi # 12130366
Jun 13th 2013 08:50   
Dave Saunders Professional   Internet Marketer
HI Margo,

Thanks for the reply. Yes I understand what you mean about lack of teamwork. I had this problem in the past, what I do now is concentrate on sponsoring 5 people per month and work with them to help them understand the business.

I find this method best for getting results. You normally see how committed people are within the second month.

I will surely look up your SFI link to see what you did and how I could improve on it.

Thanks so much for your reply.

Jun 13th 2013 11:35   
Nicolas Bregant Advanced   List Your Property For Rent
Great information i like it
Dec 25th 2013 07:45   
Dave Swank Magnate II   The Levity Ball
Good promo page, I like it.
Dec 25th 2013 08:06   
Anastasia de Souza Innovator  Entrepreneur SFI Affiliate
I like it too! Good for you David!!
Dec 25th 2013 08:19   
Frank Dago Advanced  Marketing, Online Business
I'm in too. Wish you Success!
Dec 27th 2013 06:09   
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