by Doug Robinson Internet Consultant is a great resource for site listing, article marketing, and advertising. Its site description: 206,379 Self Improvement Resources, Find the Right One for You! illustrates the point.
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  • Free to join, with either a Personal or Professional account
  • Categories include Business Skills, Relationships, Health, Finances, Mental Health, Spirituality, Lifestyle. and Community.
  • Submenus dispaly a table of around 65 website categories under each heading.
  • List your site as a "Reciprocal Website."
  • Become a "Topic Expert," submit articles for publications or become a Self Growth Guide.
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Self development is a big interest for almost all of us and a central theme for online marketing. is a great illustration of this point and a fantastic resource for site listing, article marketing, and advertising. Its site description: - 206,379 Self Improvement Resources, Find the Right One for You! illustrates the point.

This site description demonstrates how vast the site resources are. now has at least one additional website in their listings,, and I hope this article will now encourage many more. is free to join, with either a Personal or Professional account. Just select the Join link and youll be taken to a screen describing the two options. Youll want to join under: Professional if you wish to promote your website, submit articles, create an expert page and add events to the site calendar.

Signing in is easy: Simply enter your full name and email address on the following page. Youll then receive a confirmation email and when you confirm your email address by responding, youre in.

Once there, you can complete your profile and then look around the site. Youll see a navigation bar at the top of the page with headings covering a wide range of topics. This is the great point of the site personal development takes place in all these categories - ranging from Business Skills to Community. Between these you have: Relationships, Health, Finances, Mental Health, Spirituality and Lifestyle.

Selecting any one of these headings displays a drop-down menu with seven topics each including View Websites. Opening any one of these choices will display a table of around 65 website categories under the selected heading. Identical sites will of course display under several headings or categories if appropriate.

Now that you have an idea of the potential, you can go back and submit your website. To do this, simply select: View Member Center from the choices in the upper right corner of your screen.

This puts you back on your account page. From here you can choose the top link on the left: Create Web Page.

This opens a signup page that will take you through the following steps.
1. Youll see Site Name: Enter the sites title here (ex. DBR LifeWorks.)
2. Then youll see Assigned topics. Choose all related topics. For instance: You may make the major heading: Money and Careers on all three and then for the sub-headings choose topics like: Career Development, Forex, and Internet Marketing. These are just examples of course choose what fits best.
3. You then give the site URL.
4. You will have a choice to be a Link Partner. If you select yes for this option, youll receive choices of text codes to place on your site that discretely link your site back to Selecting yes is not a requirement: select no if you prefer. You can always change this or any other option later.
5. The next choice: Link Reciprocal Website means the link to the page where you place the code. If you have the code on all your site pages, you can simply repeat your site URL.
6. For Site Description put whatever description you want to advertize the site contents.
7. Then press Save and youre done.

You will receive a message within a few hours telling you whether your site is approved.

You can also supply details to be listed as an Expert in whatever field is appropriate. This gives you more advertising possibilities and more weight. Expert classification is easier than you might think, provided you have a specific qualification. Check over the possibilities and you will probably find an area that fits you easily.

You can also submit articles for E-zine publication. Article approval may take several days, and the one disappointing feature I have found so far with is that you receive no notification when an article is rejected. I am suggesting a change in this editorial policy.

The ultimate promotion on is to become a topic Guide. This requires a more developed application, usually followed with direct phone contact from a representative. The classification lasts for one year and is renewable. Though the title represents considerable investment, the on site exposure and promotional value for your site more than offsets the expense.

Finally, the area of self-growth is explored through such a wide range of topics that you could focus almost any internet marketing site appropriately for inclusion. The ruling parameter is that the site must center on self-growth or self-development through the designated area, whether this is something like mental health or executive coaching.

Join at: While there dont miss this great video: The Surfing Dog From Disappointment to Joy -

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