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I know, I know. Some people write articles on the top 100 ways to make money or the top 50,40,30 what ever. Believe me I have them all and they are useful. All this being said though there still is on
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Many of us usually greatly envy anybody who owns a top Adsense blog. More so because we tend to spend a lot of time, seemingly in vain without yielding the sort of results that would suggest that our Adsense blogs are rapidly headed to the top.
Actually there are two major obstacles bloggers usually face that are the biggest hindrance in their efforts to create a top Adsense blog.
a) Top Adsense blog Obstacle Number One: Traffic
Without traffic, no matter how excellent your blog is or how good the Adsense tips you use are, you will go nowhere and a having a top Adsense blog will remain nothing but an unfulfilled desire. A mirage in a dry desert.
This is sad because blogs have enormous potential for traffic and various tools and techniques can easily be used to greatly enhance traffic. For instance link-baiting posts, which provoke and cause numerous other blogs to quickly link to you can bring in huge amounts of traffic. Not to mention using carefully selected popular keywords that can attract huge traffic via search engines.
b) Top Adsense blog Obstacle Number Two: Inadequate Content
The way to earn serious cash or top dollar from any Adsense blog is to have plenty of useful content spread out over numerous pages. The problem with many blogs that aspire to reach the top ranks is that they do not have enough content. It is very important that the content is original because search engines greatly penalize duplicate content. Hire ghost writers or content providers to help you build up the number of pages on your Adsense blog to a level similar to that of the top Adsense blogs.

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