Promoting APSense in a webinar

by Philippe Moisan Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Let's say you get invited to talk about APSense in a webinar. What would you say?
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Review on Promoting APSense in a webinar

Many of you know that I'm the biggest APSense maniac out there. Well, Wincer is the owner, and APSense wouldn't exist without him, of course. But he stays mostly behind the scenes, he's very humble.

I've been active since October 2010 at APSense. I have written hundreds of articles, dozens of RevPages, I have created screencast videos about many of its features. I intend to create new videos to describe the awesome changes we've seen recently.

I was invited as a guest at a webinar by Janet Legere to talk about APSense. It will happen on a Saturday, at noon Eastern Time, in the next few weeks. The date hasn't been confirmed yet, but it should be in the middle of March.

What will I talk about? Good question. I need to think about it, there are so many features that are exciting at APSense, especially now.

I've built awesome relationships. I have used combinations of features to help spread the word about the things I love. For instance, I have put videos in articles, I have posted introductions to articles in group posts with of course a link to the article in question. The Cyber Land game is another way to promote anything you want.

There are things I need to learn about the new features, like the PageTour. I will do one for this RevPage. My friend Neville Dinning showed me cool ways of sharing documents by clicking a button while chatting using the APSense chat bar. You can use the status update to let people know what you're up to at the moment, as if you were on Twitter.

I could go on and on, but instead, I have a question for you: What would YOU talk about if you were asked to promote APSense to a group of people?

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Janet Legere Professional   Internet Marketing Training Expert
I would love to hear about the different ways to advertise on Apsense ... it's such an amazing program unlike anything else out there!
Feb 21st 2012 18:41   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
You're absolutely right, Janet. I think the main reason for that is Wincer is 100% focused on APSense, instead of launching new sites or programs. He keeps improving APSense, and it's a delight to work with him.
Feb 21st 2012 21:24   
Jose Palomino Professional   Consultant
Keep up with the Good job, Philippe
Feb 21st 2012 22:11   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Thanks, Jose, I am very enthusiastic about APSense, more than ever :)
Feb 21st 2012 22:14   
Neville Dinning Professional   Independent Consultant
This sounds like a great opportunity to share what APSense has to offer. I hope that Janet has scheduled a lot of time for the webinar. :) Since you are looking for what I would talk about, I would include the News Feed which now has some great new features, such as the Updates that you mentioned, the options to customize what you see and several ways for people to advertise with Special Offers, JV and Job offers.
Feb 22nd 2012 06:57   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Thanks, Nev, I will definitely talk about the News Feed and its options. The webinar lasts an hour, does that mean I will have the whole hour dedicated to my subject? I don't know yet.
Feb 22nd 2012 08:21   
Ismet PhM Innovator   Trader
waw.... nice promotion n good promotor. I will try to promote apsense in My Web
Feb 26th 2012 01:53   
Muhamad Samian Advanced   penganguran
it is ok, This is revolosi in the world of online business
Feb 26th 2012 02:10   
Lia Calista Junior  doctor
Good job, I will have the whole hour dedicated to my subject? I don't know yet.
Feb 26th 2012 03:30   
Javed Khan Committed   WEB DEVELOPER
Nice Way To Promote Business On Apsense Best Quality Program .
Feb 26th 2012 03:42   
Randy Erlangga Advanced   IT
Awesome article,
and the future for the better and prosper
and the more people that join into this site

the more popular a site more and more interested and more the odds and hopefully can be overcome and continue to thrive
Feb 26th 2012 04:00    Edited in Feb 26th 2012 04:02
Ardhian Perwira Advanced  junior IT & $$$ hunter
I love to hear that, and good luck for you, Philippe Moisan.
more users = more connections = more friends :D
Feb 26th 2012 04:31   
Alphabet Community Advanced  Blogger
get friend, get buisnes dan get money ^_^
Feb 26th 2012 04:52   
Jimmy L R. Innovator   Engineer
a very good job, well done
Feb 26th 2012 05:02   
Rashid Mehmood Senior   Internetmaker, Article Writer
Awesome Way To Enhance Business enterprise On Apsense Best Excellent Application .
Feb 26th 2012 05:29   
Lam T. Innovator  
This sounds like a great opportunity to share what APSense has to offer. Good Jobs, thank you!!!
Feb 26th 2012 06:20    Edited in Feb 26th 2012 06:28
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Wow, I got a lot of support in the past few hours, thanks everyone. Just a little thing: may I remind you guys to click on the "thumb up" icon at the top right when you like something? Not just for this page here, but everywhere you see it when you appreciate a member's efforts.
Feb 26th 2012 08:02   
Marko S. Professional   Web Presence Provider
Cool Philippe ;) I'm waiting for your live webcast at (hope that I could be there). Btw: your question - What Else? I would reccomend this bunch of great tools here - addons and services, page tour, etc...There's a lot of networks around which advertise how the best tools they had... but no one does not reach to the knees of APsense.
Feb 26th 2012 08:03   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
LOL Marko, I shall call you brother, we agree 100% about APSense :) btw, everyone, I was at the webinar yesterday, the speaker got the whole hour to himself, I will try to have enough material to do the same, it should not be a problem
Feb 26th 2012 08:17   
S. M. GOLAM SAMDANE Advanced  Proprietor of an IT Company
It is really so nice to be here while having webinar. Online marketing become more and more feasible for everywhere with having the perfect resources.
Feb 26th 2012 08:19   
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