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Dear Sir or Madam, this is Hina from HB spring technology limited.and we are mainly works on all portable scanner such as:2MP,3MP,5MP . For more informaiton you can look our provision webiste.
Recommended Features
  • 1, the speed only needs for 1 second. scan the books, divides the odd number, the even-numbered page scanning, after the scanning completes, reorganizes the page automatically and produces t
  • 2, may photograph the thing which all human eyes may see, including the material object, simultaneously can record and use in the video frequency booth function.
  • 3, USB power supply and data transmission.
  • 5, because connects the computer, we have the specialty scanning software, in the software have the automatic signature function then to carry on the paperless fax on demand.
  • 6, superior software integrated the PS commonly used picture processing software, can carry on processing to the picture, including the document size's hypothesis, each4 documents' storage space we ma
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X200 high-speed scanners introduction
1.brief introduction and Features
The X200 high speed scanner can scanning each kind of paper document and the three-dimensional material object and keep in computer, he has the good effect, the lens accommodation mode improvement, brings the LED lamp source, bring MIC, to be possible body carrying, the modelling novel and so on merits.
X200 's main characteristics are as follows:
1, small volume, easy to carry, especially suitable for Mobile Office, the size of a normal scanner 1/10.
2, a seconds scan the A4 following files to the computer, he greatly improves productivity, reduces the Office hours.
3, X200 into paperless fax technology, even without a fax machine, and also to send a fax to significantly improve the efficiency of the fax.
4, X200 can let scanning files direct 1: 1 print, replacing the Copier.
5, X200 can photograph picture for OCR, the picture is converted to an editable WORD document.
6, X200 can scan objects, and DV recording audio.
2.products function
X200, the ability to easily add various kinds of paper or physical file scanning into the computer, it appears that the popularity of the instrument for high shot and played on Epoch-making significance, because the integration of excellent features, price/performance ratio is the highest in similar varieties. High speed scanning using X200 For a file or object is scanned, the file or object does not need to be in contact with X200 high-speed scanners, they will not cause jams are Elephant. Have X200 high-speed scanners, you can obtain valuable image data than most traditional scanners More features and uses.
1. Scanning function:
the X200 high speed scanner uses the USB2.0 connection, the transmission speed may achieve the 480MB/S,200 ten thousand picture element sensors to provide 300 the ten thousand high clear lens, provides the fine scanning, the biggest scanning size may reach a4 width, no matter is the colored books, bill status the card or the draft document and so on, may with ease gain JPG or the hypothesis form document save the plate computer.
2. the document rescreens:
photographing important instrument date into electronic archives, convenient access to saved.
(1) a lawyer, securities--can be a legal case, contract photographing.
(2) accountant--can be a accounting, report and photographing.
(3) archives--large files can be saved to the computer high-speed scanning, convenience store, a lookup.
(4) Bank--can be temporary file storage and cabinets for summons system speed.
(5) teacher-to-class abstracts or papers, handwritten manuscript scan and courseware, and serve as lessons.
(6) students---you can attend photographing.
(7) the pharmacist-in-the-can check photographing retained prescriptions.
(8) the physicians--can be important to retain records of photographing.
(9) legal persons--can be retained between photographing documents.
3.make electronic book:
X200 may relaxed bind the books, the contract, the periodical magazine and so on to rescreen saves the plate, overcomes the tradition scanning equipment speed to be slow, and
is not easy, through turns the page photography to the books, reorganizes a PDF document format electricity classical philosophical works automatically, the hard disk storage, facilitates the preservation, the transmission.
4.function of shoot real object:
By folding, can facilitate the entity objects, including human, physical, and can save their data. At the same time for continuous shooting, time spacing setting ourselves
5. video recording function:
X200 high-speed scanners provides real-time DV video recording function, simple operation, high video quality, video duration can be hard Plate size set on its own.
6. High clear 2,000,000 video frequency camera function:
provides the smooth high clear picture in the QQ video frequency or the network video frequency.
7. make signature:
After having the X200 high speed scanner, may manufacture the hand-written signature voluntarily, and withdraws the name, only
must be able to realize in the later electronic document the name glue in the document the direct genuine signature and the facsimile and the file printout and so on.
8. real object projector function:
X200 high-speed scanners have activity structure, can any of the items on the space footages, and eventually appear on the computer screen, With the projector can be directly projected onto the screen.
9.Copy and fax function:
Can gain phantom documents fast and so on paper document, object, and may by black and white or the color printer real-time printing, or winds the facsimile transmission directly with net.
3. parameter
X200 high-speed scanners using portable folding structure design, both in the Office do files, notes, DV video Acquisition tools that can carry it easy to move.
X200 high-speed scanners with 200 million high-definition camera hardware, specific parameters are as follows:

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