Plants vs. Zombies

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Zombies are invading your home and are after your brains! Thankfully, you have your arsenal of plants to defend you in Plants vs. Zombies! Armed with a garden full of peashooters, melon-paults, and ch
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  • Best 2009 Game of the Year
  • PopCap's Best Seller
  • Real Time Strategy
  • Tower Defense
  • Free Download Trial Version
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Review on Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is a real time strategy tower defense board game, you can play it online with the online free version or download the full complete version. The online free browser base Plants vs. Zombies provide about 15 levels for you to complete while the full version provides the complete levels along with mini games and extra puzzles.

PvZ is PopCap's best selling game at 2009 with the most success factors and gaming elements extracted by other earlier success Popcap game such as "Aquarium". Player is able to select different plants to protect your backyards from variety of selections and combinations. This game allows a lot of creativity and variation for the player to customize their own plan of defense. As the rooms for plants is limited, the player should carefully studies the upcoming wave of the zombies and according to the zombie's different nature to pick up the most suitable and effecient types of the plants!

The Guide to Plants vs. Zombies
I am not going to tell you to download "Cheat Engine" and unlock the suns / coins in order to beat this game, becuase "cheating" is not that fun at all and it's shorten the game! I recommend all the player of this game should at least beat the game once before using any cheat / tricks so you can feel the game!

Back to the basic, here listed with the points to be concerns with in order to beat PvZ.

1. Understand of the plants and zombies - PvZ is a Real Time "Tower Defense"- alike game, so much similar to TD game basic, the first step is to "understand" the strength of your plants and the zombies! The functions and sustainability are also important, so you should read out the list of the plants and zombies carefully, so you wouldn't missed to pick the most effecient match-up plants or bring in some useless plants into the battlefields (lawn).

2. Understand of the Importance of "Suns" - Sun Flowers, Sun-gloom are the major plants that you should included in every game board. As the game is running in real time base, there's matter when a few seconds comes to critical so the earlier you planted the sun flowers mean you get the generated sun earlier. You may just need another 25 sun for a handy Cherry Bomb / Wall-nuts in urgent case, so for the starting stage of the game, plants the sun flower as soon as possible!

3. Learn to upgrade and sell - all of the plants retained their purpose and sole-usage, even though Pea-shooters have its values over gatling pea-shooters or Wallnut vs Tallnut. This is the matter of using the "proper' plants at the proper time, when you are lack of "Suns" at the earlier stage, you shouldn't risk your frontline plants by accumlating more suns for stronger plants, because you may lose some of the plants which may causing you far more loss. Learn to select the proper plants and then upgrade it / remove it for better choice!

4. Counter Cancel Effect - Snow Pea Shooters are the most handly plants that i bring in nearly any games as they are considerably cheap and efficient as they slower the zombies. But and "Fire" effect will cancel the freeze effect, so if you are targeting to concentrate on FIRE Power with Torchwood - don't use Snow Pea then as snow pea's shooting infront of Torchwood will make the snow peas back to normal.

5. Distance Matters - distance takes matter too, the closer for your attacking plants from the Zombies means the higher shooting frequency (shorter distant and so higher re-firing rate). This is the reason why you won't put Sun Flowers at the middle and pea shooters at the backyard. In considering "Throwing" weapons plants, it is much better to be placed at the place around backyard, as their shooting frequency is much slower and these plants usually comes with "AoE - Melon-Pult" or "Kernel-Pult - random effect" which you would expected they are dealing "extra supportive" attack. While comes to face-to-face, gatling pea shooters should be on the front lines instead of them.

PvZ is the best time-killing games while you can actually finish the game with a lot of different strategies! Just Enjoy the Game!

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