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From Pennies we will create Millionaires + Eradicate Pain & Suffering Worldwide!

My Dear Friend I bid You Peace, Blessings, Love & Prosperity!

Do you believe you can become a Millionaire, perhaps even a Billionaire if you put enough Pennies together?

Imagine the lives you could bless if this were possible.

Please bear with me for a few moments, trust me, you'll be thankful that you did.

How much $ do you believe you would have in 30 days if all you simply did was start with 1 penny & doubled it every day for 30 days?

Please write your guestimate down.

What did you come up with?

.30? $3.00? $30.00? $300.00?

Now....Please bear witness to....


After this you will learn the True Value of the Penny!

Perhaps you'll stop chasing after dollars and start counting your pennies :)

DAY 1: .01
DAY 2: .02
DAY 3: .04
DAY 4: .08
DAY 5: .16
DAY 6: .32
DAY 7: .64
DAY 8: $1.28
DAY 9: $2.56
DAY 10: $5.12
DAY 11: $10.24
DAY 12: $20.48
DAY 13: $40.96
DAY 14: $81.92
DAY 15: $163.84
DAY 16: $327.68
DAY 17: $655.36
DAY 18: $1,210.72
DAY 19: $2,421.44
DAY 20: $4,842.88
DAY 21: $9,685.76
DAY 22: $19,371.52
DAY 23: $38,743.04
DAY 24: $77,486.08
DAY 25: $154,972.16
DAY 26: $309,944.32
DAY 27: $619,888.64
DAY 28: $1,239,777.28
DAY 29: $2,579,554.56
DAY 30: $5,159,109.12

And 1 more day later:

DAY 31: $10,318,218.24

Should I keep this going for another 30 days?!!! :)

I think you get my point.

Now, what was the whole purpose of this exercise?

To demonstrate to You what Could happen if WE THE PEOPLE of The World all came together as ONE!!!

Below is an example of what would happen if we all each just put 700 pennies together...don't freak out, that's only $7.00 ;)

Now, if doubling 1 penny each day for 30 days will get us to $5,159,109.12

Just imagine what would happen if we doubled 700 pennies each day for 30 days!!!

We could potentially completely eradicate poverty on this planet!


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