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Recopilation of Videos and Photos of Ghosts, spirits, exorcism, aliens, strange phenomena of nature, mysterious animals, UFOs, legends ...
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  • Ghosts, spirits, exorcism, aliens, strange phenomena of nature
  • strange phenomena of nature
  • mysterious animals, UFOs, legends
  • exorcism, aliens, strange phenomena of nature,
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The Mystery of Gaspard Hauser
On May 26, 1828 a teenager exhausted and shaky, who gestures and grunts in an incomprehensible way, is collected from the streets of Nuremberg. In his hand an envelope addressed to Wessnich cavalry captain, commander of the fourth squadron of the sixth regiment of cavalry.

Lead him to the barracks where, completely exhausted, he collapses on a bunk in the barn. In the afternoon, the capital Wessnich know the contents of the letter: "Honored master, sending him to a young man who wants to serve the king in the army. It was left at my house on October 7, 1812. I'm just a journeyman with 10 children of her own and I find it hard to educate them ... "

A message written on the same paper with the same ink is attached to the letter. "The boy was named Gaspard. When you send it to Nuremberg 17 years on the sixth regiment of cavalry, where his father served as a soldier. Born April 30, 1812. I am a very unhappy girl and I can not stay with him . His father is dead. " The captain immediately assumed that the note is fake and try to get an explanation, to speak to the boy, but only receives little cries and grunts as answers. Exasperated him to the police.

The teenager is seen by the mayor, the sheriff and a doctor. Is fascinated by fire, it shows better in the dark conducted in clarity, is frightened by the music and when you pass a piece of paper written with the clumsy name of Gaspard Hauser. During the following weeks Gaspard is housed in the municipal prison. The authorities are still doubtful whether it is a simulator or lack of knowledge of the world is real.

As the days pass and get in touch with its many visitors, Gaspard begins to stammer a few words. Soon he makes enough vocabulary to tell his story.

According to his earliest memories Gaspard said he has lived in a bleak outpost, sleeping on straw and even rammed earth, never seeing anyone. Every night brought him bread and water without ever could see who he was. But once a week received a visit from a masked man dressed in black. This character was taught to walk and write his name. One day I visited him and dragged him outside his cell, took him to the outskirts of Nuremberg and left in the hands of an envelope.

The international press gets hold of the story. Gaspard is nicknamed "the orphan of Europe." It stayed in the house of a teacher and learn to read and write with surprising speed. Doctors observe the delicacy of her skin and features, as well as the nobility of his face. This sparks the imagination of all: Why would hide this child if he had an exceptional importance? Is it perhaps because it belongs to a noble family? Seems to have been born about 1812. Very soon begin to hypothesize.

Will the son of the Duke?

Adopted daughter of Napoleon, France's Stephanie de Beauharnais married the Grand Duke Charles of Baden in 1806. This union imposed by the French emperor to a German state was proclaimed protector is not well received by the Grand Duchy. Stephanie has a declared enemy, the Countess of Hochberg, married his second wife, the father of Charles, who wanted to put his son on the throne. Only achieved if Carlos and Stephanie had no male heirs.

However, on September 29, 1812 Stephanie gives birth to a beautiful boy who looks strong and full of life. However dies of sudden illness 15 days later under unclear circumstances, and not even allowed the young mother to see the body. A year later the second son of Stephanie and Carlos suffers the same fate. The memory of these two disappearances reappeared in 1828 and some reporter wonder if Gaspard Hauser would not be the son of Charles and Stephanie, kidnapped and hidden by the ambitious countess of Hochberg.

Excited and worried by the news begins to associate their name with the orphaned, Stephanie is in question. Remember that night when the child was presumed dead, his mother was immersed in an abnormally deep sleep, as if he had been drugged. Soon the mother, the widower of Carlos in 1819, is worried. Talk at length with Lord Stanhope, who is in charge of Gaspard on that date. Even made a secret trip to Anspach, where young and established themselves known observes, "Everything about him reminds the Grand Duke. Stephanie finally convinces his son Gaspard Hauser.

But that same year, 1833 is just Leopold, son of the Countess of Hochberg, who holds the title of Grand Duke of Baden. Stephanie does not have to turn, the fall of Napoleon in 1815 to fly difficult situation. But prepare to try to do something for him whom he recognizes as his son ... but time is not enough: in December Gaspard is murdered, stabbed by a stranger who was quoted in a public garden to tell secrets of her past. The truth about this murder can not be established with certainty, but the only danger that hung over the power of the Hochberg disappeared altogether.

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