Onlinenaira-payment processor

by Chukwuekwu Okonta Forensic accountant
I found onlinenaira few days ago as Nigeria pay processor i contacted the admin.and became interested in using it along with alertpay, paypal and libertyresever. Onlinenaira linkable to nigerian bank
Recommended Features
  • Nigeria base pay processor,
  • Tranfer money from onlinenaira to paypal,libertyreserve etc.
  • Refer and get paid
  • Searchnigeria accepts onlinenaira
  • Fund paypal,libertyreserve.accept bank wire,
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Review on Onlinenaira-payment processor

When paying online became hard for me from Nigeria i went into research and found onlinenaira. Onlinenaira even made everything simple because with our naira currently you can fund your libertyreserve,paypal, as we know credit cards are not in use in Nigeria. Join onlinenaira for free . We use Just mastercards, so when you transfer money to onlinenaira via you banks , you can pay paypal,pay libertreserve alertpay.
Buying online has been made easy with onlinenaira.

When you refer people to onlinenaira get paid.

Thanks to onlinenaira for making online pay with our currency easy.
Join free.

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obedi p. Committed   Marketing
Wow i have it thanks,
Jun 8th 2011 02:20   
Chukwuekwu Okonta Professional   Forensic accountant
Our struggle on pay processor is been easy with onlinenaira, though i may create one near future.
Jun 8th 2011 02:52   
Chukwuekwu Okonta Professional   Forensic accountant
@en,Let know your how long you've been using it and how you find it.
Jun 8th 2011 03:16   
Istvan Thury Innovator  yessthury
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Istvan Thury

Jun 8th 2011 04:18   
Chukwuekwu Okonta Professional   Forensic accountant
@thury,read my article on comments we make in apsense,
we don't links in comments in apsense try to read it else you be ban be admin.
Jun 8th 2011 04:24   
As N. Advanced   Freelancer
i think really a nice one
Jun 8th 2011 04:59   
Agwu athur Advanced  Consultant is unavailable why
Jun 8th 2011 20:36   
obedi p. Committed   Marketing
@Chukwu,what is unvailable?
Jun 10th 2011 02:33   
obedi p. Committed   Marketing
@chukwu,i joined using to learn more more about onlinenaira in blue before recommended features in revpage.
Jun 10th 2011 02:37   
Aniedi Maxwell Junior  
Sad that OnlineNaira no longer accept paypal and credit card payments.

Got info from someone yesterday that a Registered Nigerian Company with site enables merchant to accept paypal and credit card payment. Problem is I can't find anyone that has used their service before.

Has anyone ever tried them and what are the possible issues?
Jan 13th 2012 08:04   
Chukwuekwu Okonta Professional   Forensic accountant
You can still fund your paypal with onlinenaira i used it last week just that you can't receive money from paypal. You can receive with naira4dollar, paytransaction.
Jan 13th 2012 21:58   
emmaport Junior  
Glad to see that this is a recent post. In my quest to overcome payment hurdle I came across this website. The concept of the owners is good and simple but I have my reservations. For one thing, there is no contact phone number on the website. Also, there is no physical address for the company. A business dealing with such sensitive matter as money in another party's hand, should do its utmost best to convince prospective customers that they are genuine and meant business. For starters, they should be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and have a Corporate Bank Account. Just imagine funding your onlinenaira account only to discover that the website has been pulled down with no way to locate its owners!
The company should do more to convince us that they mean business and are here to stay.

Anyway how long have you dealt with them and how reliable is their services? Don't just think of your affiliate commission!

I look forward to rejoinders.
Feb 11th 2012 02:24   
Chukwuekwu Okonta Professional   Forensic accountant
My friend, emma, the owner of the site is kayode his is trust worthy i have use the site to fund my libertyreserve, paypal, buy ads, i used it to transact up to #50,000. Their phone number is there when you join check faq. I have called their lagos and london office. Their email is info@onlienaira dot com. If you don't like them there are other many sites that transfers naira to dollar. Like naira4dollar. As for me i use onlinenaira. Fast, cheap, etc.
Feb 11th 2012 10:02   
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