OneX - Changing Lifestyles for Good

by Yvette Lemon-Tolliver
Experience one of the most explosive, most lucrative, life changing opportunities you could ever get involved with for a minimal cost of just $5. Thousands have already joined.
Recommended Features
  • $5 One-Time Out-of-Pocket
  • Free Keys (Pay-it-Forward Capability)
  • 100% Matching Bonuses
  • Member to Member Pay Daily
  • Simultaneous Positioning for Gold & Silver
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Review on OneX - Changing Lifestyles for Good

Onex is consider the feeder program to QLXchange for silver and gold savings.

It is a 4x4 matrix for a total of 256 positions. For each 4x4 there are four Tiers
or levels.

The compensation is quite brilliant but is best explained by demonstration and
not me. But I'll give it a shot:

There are four levels of the matrix. No matter who or where the people came from
on each level you have the potential to be paid, whether you referred them or not.

Remember, there are four Tiers to each matrix. Each lesson purchased moves
you up and on to the next Tier. So if you were to purchase all four lessons at
$5, $10, $20 and $40 you would qualify for all commissions coming from each
level of your matrix.

$5 Tier 1 - Get Paid from Row 1 - 4x when they purchase Lesson #1
$10 Tier 2 - Get Paid from Row 2 - 16x when they purchase Lesson #2
$20 Tier 3 - Get Paid from Row 3 - 64x when they purchase Lesson #3
$40 Tier 4 - Get Paid from Row 4 - 256x when they purchase Lesson #4

It's that simple and it works.

The 100% Matching Bonus is the topping on the cake.

Sure you could position yourself in the matrix and never sponsor anyone and still
get paid. But why would you want to do that? It is with the 100% match that you
would maximize your earnings.

The cost for joining is $5 one time out-of-pocket and that buys you lesson one
of an entire series of business building courses; Simultaneously building a 3x9
matrix in their soon to come QLXchange program.

Both programs are works in progress with OneX being the main focus right now but
not the only focus, as QLXchange will soon be released as well. OneX has gone
through its share of trials and tribulations, bumps and bugs but these issue have
been quickly recognized and resolved making the program an extraordinary $5
home based business opportunity that will change millions of lives for better
financial stability and security as we move on into QLXchange in the very near

To learn more attend a Live Webinar Presentation most any day of the week.

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I still think it is a pyramid scheme...(Pyramid Scheme Cartoon by Pat Petrini)
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MG Lazarus Advanced   Online Counselor
Seems interesting. Let me explore this further :)
Jul 27th 2011 17:36   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
due diligence.....
Jul 27th 2011 18:23   
Yvette Lemon-Tolliver Professional  
Yes Dr. MG. Please do. I'm sure you will be quite impressed.
Jul 27th 2011 18:26   
Roosevelt Evans III Professional   Home Business Entrepreneur
Paula, trying to warn others about programs like OneX and AutoXTen is too hard, here on APSense or anywhere else that has a large membership. Maybe in a small social site like Kooiii you can police pyramid schemes. Since I make no effort to warn others about these programs on other social sites I use, it's hypocritical of me to warn others here on APSense about pyramid schemes. Yvette, I have come to the conclusion based on the FTC guidelines on illegal pyramid schemes that OneX is a pyramid scheme. If you want to discuss this further just send me a message.
Jul 27th 2011 19:02   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
No I don't want to discuss it. But i will keep posting due diligence when I spot one
Jul 27th 2011 19:07   
Yvette Lemon-Tolliver Professional  
With all due respect, Roosevelt, I do not believe that it is a "pyramid scheme" in the sense you are speaking of which would be a "scam". OneX is not a "scam". A pyramid scheme would have people enrolling and investing without sales of a real product and expecting a return on that investment. OneX not only has real products but it is also a feeder program to a much larger business opportunity (coming soon) with products of much greater value.

The administrators of the program are taking very careful measures to insure the program is legal and viable for all involved. Our members are well taken care of; earning money and free to withdraw those earnings at will.

I've posted a cute little video for you and Miss Paula's viewing pleasure.


Jul 27th 2011 19:32   
Roosevelt Evans III Professional   Home Business Entrepreneur
Yvette, the products OneX offers are "lessons" which are not stand alone products that can be purchased without being a OneX member, which is a pyramid cheme red flag. The UltraXChange program claims to invlove precious metals products but again if you can't purchase these Goldand silver products apart from the program, then the program is a pyramid scheme. Google pyramid schemes or read a recent article I have written on the subject at
Jul 27th 2011 19:42   
Yvette Lemon-Tolliver Professional  
Well Roosevelt, it seems to me that you have your own interpretation or idea of which programs fall into that category. According to your article and my understanding of it, OneX does not.
Jul 27th 2011 19:58   
MG Lazarus Advanced   Online Counselor
I did my maths... It took me to nowhere. When someone says that five dollars will give u a fortune it is hard to believe. But, I believe in the theory 'no pain, no gain.' i tried to explore further into the net to see what's happening with Qlx. But no huge resources available that explains the legitimacy except some blogs and youtube videos by the promoters. The home page doesnt speak much either. Here I want to learn how the maths work. Just for this I am throwing away five dollars so that I will be able to gain some direct knowledge. Right now I am pretty sure that I am not going to make money from this. But the intelligence behind this program really caught my attention.
My first finding after joining this program: There is no facility to withdraw money from this program into your bank account or to your Paypal account! There is a withdraw link under your account which is not giving you the facility to transfer your money into your bank! Speaks a lot, isn't it?
Jul 28th 2011 05:07   
Alan Mones Professional   Forex Trader, CPA, Farmer
I'ts good to see comments about this program. I'm also skeptical about onex and autoxten, due to issues of withdrawal of earnings.
Jul 28th 2011 17:58   
Yvette Lemon-Tolliver Professional  
OneX is paying just fine and there is absolutely facility to withdraw money from the program. Made my first withdrawal just today and the request was granted within a couple of hours. If you had spent more time on your investigation you would have known that; therefore your suspicions are unfounded. You paid the $5 for what? Just to take a peek inside and run back here to make an unjustified posting?
Jul 28th 2011 18:29   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
A pay-out is no proof that a program is legitemate
Jul 28th 2011 18:45   
MG Lazarus Advanced   Online Counselor
Hi Yvette, thank you for sending me proof for your withdrawal through private message. Will continue to explore this further and will comment here if something significant comes up.
All the best!
Jul 29th 2011 04:51   
Yvette Lemon-Tolliver Professional  
Thank you for that, Dr. MG. I appreciate you taking the time to explore the opportunity further. And I apologize if my defenses for the program offended you in any way. I realized I had not written an appropriate review on the program and have since done so. I hope it's gives you and everyone a better understanding.
Jul 29th 2011 12:17   
Kelvin Wilson Advanced   Online Marketing Mentor
Are you a member of GIF? Is so will you send me your link? At:
Dec 2nd 2011 19:16   
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