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by Valery Ryabov Independent
An exciting and NEW concept More than just one business - this will encompass many businesses!
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An exciting and NEW concept
More than just one business - this will encompass many businesses

With 'outside' streams of income
From many different Global Businesses

Giving back to the World with a Charitable Foundation !!

There is SO MUCH MORE to this Company than meets the eye

* 100% of ALL Active Members WILL Earn Every 6 Days

* Hundreds of Revolutionary Products

* Up to 5 Levels of 20% Matching Bonuses

* World Changing Humanitarian Aid Projects (clean water, medical treatment, etc)

* Amazing Spillover/Windfall Prots come Daily & Monthly
... Phase 3 Going Live January 2013
Phase 1 ... Breaks All Active Registration Records with Hundreds-of-Thousands Signing Up

Phase 2 ... Tremendous Success & Enormous Sales Volume in Just the First 60 Days

Phase 3 ... New Paradigm Shifting Products & Bigger Sales Payouts in 2013

Co-created by the greatest minds in marketing and sales
Also partnering with the most influential marketing team directors in the world
The FIRST and ONLY of its kind Social Marketing Bonus Pool Platform in the World

Be a Part of Changing the World
. . . With the Worldwide EXCLUSIVE Family Safe, Life Saving, Disease Eradication Products for. . .
In & Around the Home
Beauty & Skin Health
Food, Vegetables, & Meats
Kitchen & Bath
Pools & Spas
Restaurants & Hotels
With these Bio-Science Innovations ... We are able to easily and cost effectively PREVENT HIV , Avian (bird flu), E-Coli, Viruses, Molds, Bacteria, and many more life threatening Pathogens!

Effective in homes, apartment complexes, condo units, high-rises, hotel rooms, hospitals and operating rooms, makeshift doctor and hospital rooms (ie. Africa, India, Indonesia, etc), classrooms, offices, airplane cabins, buses, cruise ships, cargo ships, shipping containers, passenger and cargo trains, prisons, gyms, storage units, and any other location where people and disease come together - - As well as agriculture and dairy farming, with many more advances and product applications on the way ...

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Paul Peeters Advanced   Internet Marketer and Coach
I must say that I myself am not so thrilled about that GlobalOne program. In fact, it all started as "Ultimate...." which was used to launch GlobalOne as a new payment processor. I saw something in the program and was in it very early, even took one of the few FOUNDERS POSITIONS. BUT... then there was a whole period of very little and confusing news, very little real short, they just weren't ready.
And as far a getting paid is concerned... you need to take an EXTRA subscription with a MONTHLY fee from 10$ up to 100$, but the pay is lousy. Even a 10$ inlay is very difficult to recuperate except one can get a LOT of referrals, but since they have been "in business" already for more than 6 months already, it's very hard to get any referrals now, cause (rightly so in part) the program has gotten many negative revieuws, even has been called a scam on several occasions.

So folks, for what it's worth : just BE CAREFULL and think twice before engaging in this program. In fact, it's all about becoming a member of a new payment processor (as if there aren't plenty of those already).

I felt I needed to get this off my chest, cause many people could end up disappointed when entering this program. Sorry.
Nov 24th 2012 04:29   
Valery Ryabov Magnate I   Independent
Thank you for your comment. Everyone's opinion is worthy of respect, but ...
I know that in real life you can not run a serious undertaking for a week or a month. Launch a major project online is also difficult. Global One is not HYIP or bux that are born every day and you know very well that the basic compensation plans are not working. In Russia, they say, a little patience and your patience will turn into gold.
Nov 24th 2012 05:34   
Andy Fleming Senior  Internet Marketer
I think you have a very good point Paul. I entered GlobalOne as a founder member at the start and have paid $10 a month and have found it impossible to get referrals. I also agree with you Valery about the need for patience, but it is a thing that a lot of marketers have not got in these hard economic times.
Nov 25th 2012 04:32   
Paul Peeters Advanced   Internet Marketer and Coach
I agree for the need of patience, but keeping on paying 10$ each month without any REAL chance of seeing at least a breakeven return becomes too much after a few months, and it gets harder month after month to make break even. And indeed, getting referrals is almost impossible for this program, they have ruined that themselves (the owners). I haven't even seen ANY return from my founder position yet, so I only have return from my 10$ position, and there is no telling (cause nobody seems to have the answer) when or how we would get return as a founder. So I'm taking the safest way out and stop with this program while the damage is still low.
Anyhow, I wish you good luck, Valery. It is not about impatience, it is about calculating chances to decent return here ;-)
Nov 25th 2012 17:37   
Alex Camo Committed  Online Enterprenuer
Highly agrees with Paul.Getting referrals is the major difficulty.Especially if someone who is very interested search for reviews in search engines and finds so much negative about the program.I had been recommended earlier about the program and was almost to join.But i found negative reviews about the program in search engines.And many claimed not receiving their payments.Thus i concluded its a scam and moved on to other opportunities.I also disagrees with Valery requesting people to be patience.I believe When launching an opportunity to the mass world you should be fully prepared.I cannot launch a product and when people purchase it miss the download page for the product.To me that is scam.The first impression means a lot.Thanks.
Nov 29th 2012 03:33   
Paul Peeters Advanced   Internet Marketer and Coach
How very true, alex ! Especially your comment about having to be FULLY ready when launching a new product or program, which certainly was not the case here. And what troubled me the most was that the program was all about Ultimate...Profits, while in fact, without telling people in landing pages etc. it was all about getting a new payment processor launched. THAT in itself is worth calling it a scam, not divulging the real goal of the program !
Nov 30th 2012 07:40   
Valery Ryabov Magnate I   Independent
I do not understand why it was necessary to start work straight off everything, not to weigh all the options. You can say what you like. But the program is only a month. As can be judged
Nov 30th 2012 18:56   
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