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We proudly proclaim MX Fast Money (MXF) to be one of the greatest home businesses in the world. Our bold declaration comes from this fact: We offer an affordable two-part program, with superior value-
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The "333% Pay Plan" Of MXF

Our "333% Pay Plan" is powerful and yet extremely simple. It is based on the age-wise premise that the average networker, whether part of the new breed of internet marketer or old-fashioned direct seller, only ever brings TWO PEOPLE into whatever business they are a part of. Therefore the MXF compensation plan, and that of our sister companies MX1 and MX3 and MX7, works flawlessly and pays out fully with our members only doing what an average person is able to do.

What if someone brings in no people, you ask? Well, that is all taken care of in the law of averages, because just as some members will bring in no one, others will bring in several people. Another law, Pareto's Law or the 80/20 rule, also says that 80% of the new members will be brought in by just 20% of the existing members. This results in SPILLOVER and SPILLUNDER which are an integral part of the success mechanics of our pay plan.

So, how does the "333% Pay Plan" work and what is it? Have a look at this diagram then go to the paragraphs of text below and all will be clearly explained.

The structure of the MXF pay plan is a 2X2 forced matrix. This means you can only build two members wide on your first level and only two levels deep. This gives two members on your first level, plus four members on your second level, giving you a full or completed matrix of 6 people. At that time, with 6 members in your network on the first two levels, you have completed a "CYCLE" and instantly earn over three times your $30 one-time joining fee, which in the case of MXF is $100 commission.

2 members on your first level

+ 4 members on your second level

= 6 people total in your matrix

= CYCLE = $100

We all know that an ideal scenario of you bringing in two people, who each brings in two rarely happens, so does that matter with MXF? The answer is no it doesn't matter. This is because our pay plan is a forced matrix so it doesn't matter if several people bring in no members and another person brings in plenty because of SPILLOVER and SPILLUNDER. As long as the 6 positions on the 2 levels below you all get filled, it doesn't really matter if it is because of members that spillover or spillunder, or members who are superstars or novices. Not only is this 2x2 forced matrix of MXF one of the most lucrative on the internet today, it is also one of the fairest because the underdog always has a chance to cycle as people can go into his or her matrix due to the efforts of the members above and below.

For an even more in-depth explanation of our compensation plan, please study the Pay Plan webpage.

7 Benefits Of Joining MXF

We appreciate that the one-time fee of thirty dollars is a tidy sum to join MXF. However, in reality you only ever pay your $30 joining fee ONCE, but you have all the time in the world to introduce two people who each introduce two people, thereby earning yourself a good sized one hundred dollars in commission. And every time you cycle, you receive another 2x2 matrix for free, every time, forever. Not only that, but all of the members personally referred by you also follow into your personal network whenever they in turn cycle and receive a new matrix of their own. This is called FOLLOW YOUR SPONSOR and is a massive plus for the members of MXF that we have this feature as it keeps your network growing and helps you and your members to earn more and more income as time goes by as you have more and more of your personally sponsored people all cycling and their new matrixes always following into your personal network.

Sure you need 6 people in your 2x2 matrix before you cycle and earn your commission, and 6 people is no small number to be sneezed at, even without additional help via SPILLOVER and SPILLUNDER. But do remember the $100 commission amount is over THREE TIMES what you pay ONE TIME to join MXF, and there are no deadlines either corporate or self-imposed for you to be pressured by. The secret of success with this pay plan is to follow the RULE OF TWO: you bring in two people; then you work with these two people to duplicate your efforts; so they also bring in two people each and work with those new members to also bring in two each. Repeated time and time again, over short or long periods, this is what can earn you a tremendous long-term income with MXF and MX1 and MX3 and MX7.

The fully automated operating and payment systems of MXF work in real time. This means that as soon as any new member pays his or her one-time joining fee via AlertPay, they are instantly placed by the system into the next available position within the first two levels of their sponsor's matrix. At that same immediate time, commissions are allocated in the back office of anyone completing a cycle. Thereafter, any time 24/7 on a daily basis, any member who has earned commissions can withdraw

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