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Reverse Osmosis is the most effective way to remove Radium from water.
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  • Reduces the level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS),
  • Unit is easy to install and simple to operate
  • Uses no electricity and the impurities removed through the reverse osmosis process are flushed down the drain
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Review on MultiPure's Reverse Osmosis System

- Radionuclides (i.e. sources of radioactivity) in Air and Water:

- Radionuclides in Water:

How will radionuclides be removed from my drinking water?
According to the EPA, the following treatment method(s) have proven to be effective in removing radionuclides at levels below their MCLs:

* Beta particle and Photon Radiation: ion exchange and reverse osmosis;
* (Gross) Alpha Emitters: reverse osmosis;
* Radium 226 and Radium 228 (Combined): ion exchange, reverse osmosis, lime softening;
* Uranium: Ion exchange, reverse osmosis, lime softening, coagulation/filtration.

Dr. Fenwick has also released this statement:

"Radioactivity (its sources, the decay process, transmission, protection, and disposal) is an unquestionably complex topic. The information provided here is admittedly, and necessarily, very general. The largest concern in drinking water after a meltdown is likely the presence of Uranium, although there are many additional sources (Plutonium, Radium, Cesium, etc.). We do not specifically test for the reduction of these materials, nor are there NSF standards/ protocols. With that said, heavier radionuclides, like those listed above, are likely reduced with our blocks, specifically those blocks that are certified for lead reduction.

"Three important notes:

1. As always, efficacy and lifetime will depend on several factors (compounds unique properties, concentration in the influent water, water chemistry, etc.).

2. In addition to those listed above, several other daughter nuclides/ radionuclides (products of the decay process) of various chemistries/ classes will have various reduction efficacies. Commenting on these is not possible.

3. Unlike other non-radioactive contaminants (Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, VOCs, other organics), removal from the water, and thus concentration in the block, may not be sufficient for the radioactive elements/ compounds. They continue to emit radiation even when removed/ immobilized. Based on these issues, and the EPA testing and endorsement, reverse osmosis is a more bona fide technology in this case.

The Multi-Pure MP750 Plus RO is the ONLY device certified under NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, and 58 to reduce: Radium 226/228, Fluoride, Nitrates/Nitrate, Arsenic V, Chloramine, PCBs, Toxaphene, Chlordane, Lead, Mercury, etc. (See Below for Percentages of Reduction)

The Multi-Pure MP750PlusRO Unit is easy to install and simple to operate. It uses no electricity and the impurities removed through the reverse osmosis process are flushed down the drain. The pre-filter component provides 5 micron filtration to remove large particulate matter and extend the life of the reverse osmosis membrane. The reverse osmosis component reduces the level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), rust, dirt scale, and organic tastes and odors. The processed water is conveniently stored in a 3 gallon pressurized tank which is small enough to fit neatly under your sink. Multi-Pure's MP750PlusRO Unit includes pre-filter, RO membrane, and Multi-Pures Model MP750SB as a post-filter, giving you the highest quality water possible.

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Laura Newton Committed  The Water Filter Lady
With the recent report out from EWG (environmental working group)finding hexavalent chromium in 31 out of 35 cities tested,The highest levels were in Norman, Okla., Honolulu, Hawaii and Riverside, Calif. In all, water samples from 25 cities contained the toxic metal at concentrations above the safe maximum recently proposed by California regulators. Most people do not realize that they ONLY way to reduce this toxic contaminant is through a reverse osmosis! Thanks for sharing this rev page Kat.

Dec 22nd 2010 13:05   
Trish K. Advanced   Mail 5 a Day, Postcard Networker
I own a Kangen Water device. Is this product comparable
Dec 23rd 2010 03:13   
Katrina O. Professional   Indiana Water Filters
Pat, I just did a search at the NSF website, I did not find that Kangen is certified, therefor, I would say no. Kangen is not comparable to the Multi-Pure Reverse Osmosis system.
Dec 23rd 2010 04:09   
Laura Newton Committed  The Water Filter Lady
I would suggest running your water through that Kangen machine and then have the water tested.
Dec 23rd 2010 05:11   
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