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Essence of Meditation
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Meditation removes Cancer and AIDS
One of the important habits in the formation of a healthy body and soul is to do meditation. Just as breathing is good to launch the lymph system which can drain toxins in the body and keep our immune system, meditation is right to drain and dispose of energy-energy or negative thoughts are damaging our mental and physical health.
We will discuss and demonstrate how the habit of meditation to maintain the health of not only the physical body but also especially the effects on our mental health. Habits do Meditation is one of four custom self-management practitioners, namely: diet and healthy lifestyle and balanced (balanced diet and balance life), sport and relaxation (physical exercise / stretching and relaxing), breathing is good and right ( deep breathing), and Meditation (meditation).
If the attitude of humility, willing to serve, resignation and self integrity is an indicator of a person of high spiritual intelligence, habits do diet and a balanced life, sports and good breathing, relaxation and meditation are practices that can shape intelligence emotional and spiritual high. By doing these four self-management habits monotonically and continuously, we can raise awareness (awareness) that leads us to the emotional and spiritual intelligence is higher.
Meditation in Modern Business World
In the weekend edition dated February 22, 2002, The Asian Wall Street Journal ran an article written by Kevin Voight with the title The New Soul Search. This article reports a new trend by the entrepreneur, managing director, top executives of the company - world-class companies such as Coca Cola Co.., Mitsubishi Corp.., Siemens AG, Hewlett-Packard Co.., GlaxoSmithKline PLC, to the management consulting firm McKinsey classmates & Co.. as well as large companies such as Australia & New Zealand Banking Group. The top executives are looking into meditation exercises and increase spiritual intelligence that began to be felt kebutuhannnya in the business world, especially to help cope with stress and work pressure faced by these executives.
The most important thing is to do a meditation they can find meaning and purpose in life that give a sense of direction, and thus in addition to help cope with stress, meditation was to increase productivity and improve one's health.
Essence of Meditation
In principle Meditation is an activity to tap into our subconscious. When we dive into the subconscious mind we experience the process of increasing awareness. The deeper the dive through the alpha, tetha, delta, and so on, we would reach the summit of spiritual life. There we can find our true purpose in life.
However, we have the freedom to determine the extent to which we will dive into the subconscious mind. We can dive to alpha only, or even to the delta. To be sure, the more deeply we enter the subconscious mind, solitude and silence will be more we feel. In addition, the energy that we have would be even greater and more powerful strength.
Now, how we can delve deeper into the subconscious mind, and deeper, so that we can achieve the lowest layer of consciousness where we find true purpose in life? The only way to achieve it is through exploration of transcendental meditation (through) nature awareness in the broader and deeper. Through meditation, we obtain the energy of life, strength, and even more guidance in the spend the days of our lives.
The essence of meditation is an end to the conscious mind (conscious mind) and then enter another dimension that are in the unconscious (subconscious mind) and supra-consciousness (supraconscious mind). Meditation is silence (silence) - silence (stillness) - solitude (Solitude). The silence comes when our conscious mind has stopped completely. Silence means the cessation of physical activity or at least slow the rhythm of physiological activity, whereas loneliness means that you have to do it yourself without help, guidance, or the presence of others.
How to Do Meditation
In the book SELF MANAGEMENT explained that the many ways that people use meditation to penetrate the consciousness limits the highest or deepest layer of their subconscious minds. For example, John Kehoe, author of the bestseller Mind Power, doing meditation to rid themselves from the hustle and bustle of the world, then alone in the woods to do Meditation. Finally he discovered many secrets which he wrote in his book. Mind Power Books are made billionaire and world-class speakers even though originated from the solitude and the search themselves.
Doing Meditation can begin by learning to relax or reduce the frequency of brain waves from beta to alpha. On this matter have been discussed within the rubric Mandiri 22 issue entitled "Controlling the Subconscious Mind." Here are tips to do Meditation in a simple and easy:
1. Do moderate exercise (stretching) for 10 minutes and then do the respiratory activity as described in last week's edition. It needs to be done for our bodies fresh and we began to enter the frequency of alpha waves.
2. Moving into a special room shady and quiet, where we will not be distracted by the television, phones or anything that interfere with our humility. We can use a cassette or CD special song for Meditation or classical music baroque to establish an atmosphere of silence. If you prefer, you can use aroma fragrance (aroma therapy).
3. Position can sit with your feet parallel to the floor or cross-legged without crossing her legs (to avoid the tingling). Close your eyes and start to visualize you are in a place of peace and comfort.
4. Do Meditation about 15-30 minutes.
We were unable to explain about what it further because of the nature of Meditation Meditation is like written below:
Can not be conveyed through the book
Can not be explained in words
Only it can be shown
Can only be experienced
That is meditation.

Therefore, we need to continue to practice relaxation by building Place of Peace and enhance our ability to Meditation. In time, we can do Meditation anywhere, anytime, in the words of a soft drink ad.
Greatness of someone very much determined by how deep she can be in her subconscious mind. As said Krishna Murti, a professor of Indian Meditation: "You have to plunge into the water. And the beauty of meditation is that you never know where you are, where you go, and what would end your trip. Meditation is what tremendous importance; no end or beginning. He is like a raindrop. In a drop of water it contained all the water flowing, large rivers, waterfalls and oceans.
Meditation and Health
R. Keith Wallace, physiologist from UCLA, conducted a series of studies on a number of volunteers who are doing meditation. They are fitted with electromagnetic wires which are connected with the monitors to test critical functions in their body during meditation. The volunteers revealed that during meditation, they find peace of mind that is extraordinary. The tranquility of this greatly affects their body and soul.
Tranquility can make them low hormone cortisol, which is not affected by stress. A cancer expert from Surabaya also agree that prayer can enhance immune response (immunity) of the body against disease.
A publication of cancer research conducted by researchers from the National Institutes of Health, USA, led by Dr. Richard Childs, said that cancer is a serious disease such as blood cancer, kidney cancer, and lymph cancers are usually highly resistant (no effect) to various treatments such as chemotherapy, or radio therapy. However, although resistant to various medical treatments, malignant cancer cells is apparently highly susceptible (susceptible) to the immune system (immune system) patients.
What does this scientific report? It is remarkable that in fact a very serious cancer illness can and can only be cured by the sufferer's own self through increasing the body's immune system. How do I? As the results of scientific research from Surabaya - people need to do meditation and prayer (praying and wirid for Muslims) are scientifically proven to enhance immune response / immunity to disease. What about AIDS? Do you think this disease can be cured. The answer is yes!

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