Magniwork -Creating Your Own Energy

by Aiysha Murphy
Never before seen discovery in free electricity. Eliminate your power bill by 50% or even completely, depending on how you implement the magniwork generator. generator.
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  • Works in every home.
  • Requires only a small amount of space.
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Easy to build instructions included.
  • The Material needed to build the magniwork generator is cheap and easily accessible anywhere in the world.
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The Basics of Homemade Electricity

Every day, we all consume electric energy, whether through the use of Ipod's, laptops, stereo systems, televisions, or massive heating and A/C Systems. We all need and consume power but most of us have never considered making homemade electricity.

Is is possible to build your own electric generator? The answer is Yes! But before we look into the hows and whys, lets talk about electricity.

Electricity is a form of energy just like heat and light. Naturally occurring electric sources are hard to find, and most only produce very little power. Take for example the static electricity that makes your arm hair stand up in an air-conditioned room. Fortunately, one basic law about energy is that it can be converted from one form to another. Therefore, our electric energy is just a product of converting any energy source to electricity. Because of that, we can miniaturize electric power generation.

The most common way to produce homemade electricity is through the use of a solar panel. But solar panels have drawbacks. First, they are very expensive to buy. Secondly, they have a low efficiency rating compared to other electric generators. So if you plan to produce your homemade electricity using solar panels, just prepare your wallet.

Another common way to produce homemade electricity is to convert wind to electricity. A wind generator is a dynamo (the general name for any motor or generator) connected to a turbine that is rotated by the force of the wind. The turbine collects the wind energy, while the dynamo converts the mechanical force of the wind to electricity. As stated above, a dynamo is a general term for a motor. If a dynamo converts electrical energy to mechanical energy, it is a motor. If it converts mechanical energy to electricity, it is a generator. Compared to solar panels, wind generators provide a relatively higher efficiency. However, the wind turbine must be oriented where the wind is strongest for better electric production.

Both solar panels and wind generators will not produce electricity if there is no sunlight and wind respectively.

Storing their generated energy in a battery is one solution to this problem. Care must be properly observed when using batteries, especially those with high mAh ratings. When short-circuited, they can produce fatal levels of current.

There are several viable options for creating your own homemade electricity. It is just a matter of a little research, a little trial-and-error, and of course a little patience before you can generate practical amounts of electric energy. Just remember to take safety precautions when dealing with electricity. You dont want to fry your Ipod, or worse fry yourself!

The safest and more efficient way of generating your own energy would be through a Magnetic Power Generator. It's safe to use and operate. It doesn't produce any harmful byproducts or gases. If you have little children, they may freely walk in close vicinity of the generator.

The magniwork generator, is also a very eco-friendly solution. It doesn't pollute the environment. The generator itself isn't flammable or combustible, so it's completely safe.

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