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Some time or all time we need love that by what love mean
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(Between men and women)
The book
(Between man and woman)
When I looked at the life I wondered and began dive in depths like a sweetheart on the night of extremely cold nor escape them only in the arms of beloved lost glow fire love warmer bizarre Ghazltny Bnzeradtha and inspired pulses her heart so that I thought I was a bird flying above the clouds between dew and flowers and I am astonished at how gathered all around me As if trees bloomed and breeze flirts branches and water Atriqq over leaves and orgasm may acquired my body has wavered like a bird loves flowers and here you saw me swim in a river of honey and milk has fascinated vintage her eyes, as if the universe turned to thoughts wander in my mind and I saw the world like a bride incomplete beauty look from above Sahab has assumed chandelier contract may Zain slaughtered and smiled Vassagueny Nora among Tgrha So there is no way except her love, but the ravages of love severe it deep up to the bone Vthishmha or to the heart Fathrgah sat thinking carefully about it determination may not be fateful Alone might even be bigger than that may be the fate of all humanity Yes, the whole of humanity has quickly responded to Fekry the beginning of mankind. Adam, the father of all human beings was lonely and was committed, but was there something missing? This is a difficult question to answer and needs to be aware and knowledgeable I minor them so I do not have the answer, but after a short while or long found Adam & Eve in his arms and stand for a moment here and ask what he wants Adam and what you want Eve? However, life was wonderful she paradise and there is no coolest of it and if I see to that scene picturesque Yes robs the heart and mind together makes the body move without weight or obstacles not boundless not crash ideas it pure fun endless How beautiful it and dreams but that beauty and sweetness does not reflect the meaning Let together wander in the veins and arteries of life is Wondrous creature multi shapes and sizes find where all the baits and colors have a breeze as well as hurricanes have flowers and thorns have before and Nhishat her nectar and bites her sweetness and bitterness her joys and sorrows ..... What a of life of loved like hugging death and hates hugging sun sees dopey Ghanaian great Hassan and Beauty and sees wise old man on the verge of annihilation so Is there a relationship between the world and the women? What a question boggles the mind and heart who knows who knows, but there is a clear difference was it clear difference Valdnaa one and multiple women may be lower collected all the multiplicity of women may find women flower woman may find thorns woman may be the Committee may be hell
Hence we want to and dive and breathe and feel and reflect this magnificent beauty embodied in Jewel Nafisa and superstar and sun shining it women with heart delicate and passion pouring and mind swimmer in the pleasures of life that the mere mention of the word women make hearts flutter and ears listen and reason gets lost in the types and forms of amazing masterpieces like she walks among the clouds
Women child:
Here frequently stand and the realization of the mind when we look at the newborn has filled the house crying and everyone contemplates this star, which has become the land Fberagaha glowed and her gaze piercing and breeze refreshes around and become world-year-old full fill the place of joy and pleasure and the girl child is still contemplating what you want? No one knows therefore not Nteklv talk about it, but soon turned crying girl to the laughter of happy hearts and movement make home runs when life, as if a spirit Zakia held in throughout, it put its mark on everything and the first thing that hinted that the keen interest to other want to sponsored and keep it and even defend him to be preparing to Semitic message and a great work raises significant human and returned to their origin, in gardens and delight this little girl innocent know their duty and train him without teacher directed it is moving Pftrh they know the process of the remains of this star in the sky but on the ground there is a affects them or trying to that transforms her heart to the way is the process of live baby softly heavily even think of it deems that his eyes looks affect her thin skin soft What a majestic sense makes the body tremble compassion and mercy and compassion on this baby

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