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Sushil Sharma Magnate I   am a networker from india
legal site,payout
Oct 10th 2010 08:26   
Sushil Sharma Magnate I   am a networker from india
lrtyuh njikop mkojh
Oct 10th 2010 08:27   
Andre Hartman Professional  Business Owner
All of the pages on the site have the same information on it.
Oct 10th 2010 08:27   
AJAY PATEL Advanced   Blogger
The site is in its prelaunch so how do you come to know that they really pays and it is 100 % legit.
Oct 10th 2010 08:30   
James Bonham Committed   tweetsmaster
I like AlertPay It`s a great service.I use it on most of my money making programs
Oct 10th 2010 08:30   
Lie Wang Advanced   
thanks for your info.
Oct 10th 2010 08:34   
Peter Meklenborg Professional   CEO at /
Yes its nice to make money :)
Oct 10th 2010 08:38   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II   Better World Partisan
I am missing info on products/services :(
Oct 10th 2010 08:38   
Justin J. Committed    ***
nice to make money
Oct 10th 2010 08:39   
Vladimir Nemtsev Advanced   
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* you can have hundreds or thousand dollars on your account by the start moment!
While there is a preregistration - money in an account on 100 % virtual (to deduce while it is impossible). From us it is required to visit time in 1-2 days an account, to invite people and to participate in interrogation on a site.
It is a transfer of payments for sellers and buyers. It is YOUR new Internet bank. The system unites the basic electronic payments to clean a chain of intermediaries-exchangers.
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Oct 10th 2010 08:40   
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