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For small medium and large businesses to take advantage of the text/SMS revoloution going on right now 5 billion mobile phone users 91% of mobile users keep there phone with them 97% texts are read
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  • 97% of all text sent are read
  • 2.5 billion Text messages are sent every day just in the USA
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Review on Local Mobile Monopoly Text

What Local Mobile Monopoly offers
Posted on April 30, 2011 by RobLeisk

Local Mobile Monopoly

I want to prove to you that I am an actual member of Local Mobile Monopoly and this blog is not a fake review of the business and show you how to take advantage of this business opportunity NOW:

What makes Local Mobile Monopoly a good business decision?

With Local Mobile Monopoly you will find all sorts of information that will show you how to make money on auto pilot.

With this system you are in a unique position to make a good income if you follow the instructions outlined step by step in Local Mobile Monopoly

Before discussing what is included in Local Mobile Monopoly, it is important to understand that there are 100,000 of small, medium and large businesses out there that dont know the potential of this emerging technology and what it can do for their business. This technology has the potential to drive customers through the door.

Having access to Local Mobile Monopoly, you will learn all the new marketing strategies included in the back office and how to implement them effectively. Some of the strategies will surprise you! You are in a good position at this time as lots of small business owners are afraid to try something new as it could cost hard earned profits without results being seen.

Its a fact that many small business owners only try something new once they see other businesses are successful with the new technology. Most small business owners dont have the time or skill to do the research needed to see if the new technology is suitable for their business, but once they see The Pink X down the road using the new technology and having success, they see it must work and go out and buy the same service.

In business the best way you can help overcome the business proprietor fears of being had is to help drive customers to their business, thus showing that the technology works for them. After proving the results, the local business owner will be only too happy to recommend you to his business associates and this will justify the price being charged for the results. The best way to get customers is via word of mouth. People will more than likely buy if someone they trust recommends the service. And you will have more customers than you know how to cope with.

What do you get with Local Mobile Monopoly?

Local Mobile Monopoly gives you access to the cutting edge strategies for mobile marketing and you will gain step by step training with videos on how to set up your business, how to approach new customers and learn what you must not do, once this has been learned, you are ready to make money.

The first tool you will get with all the latest mobile marketing information is a really great piece of software for finding local businesses, a custom business finder, this tool is more effective than Google maps and will help you build your list of potential customers as quickly as you like.

You will also get your own website that is connected to the main website Whenever someone visits in search of a Mobile Marketing Expert, they will be able to search by city and find a local expert representative in that area. This system is really good for getting leads that hear about us but have not been contacted yet. Local Mobile Monopoly also has a tool called the Mobi Maker Tool, which allows you to instantly create your own mobile optimized websites quickly and easily.

Here are some statistics for you to think about:

In September 2010 Tech Crunch Magazine published these figures for smart phones and androids being sold every day.

Nokia Smart phones: 250,000

Android phones: 200,000

I-phones: 80,000

These figures are what are being sold EVERY DAY of the year.

This doesnt include other phone manufactures which must be another large number and with this many phones being in peoples hands means that Local Mobile Monopoly agents will have access for their customers to market to. By being an agent of LMM you will be ahead of the crowd and at the beginning of the curve.

What is Yep

Once you purchase and become a Local Mobile Monopoly Agent, you will have access to a brand new texting service called YepText. YepText was launched on 21st of March 2011 at the same time as Local Mobile Monopoly. Once you are an agent you gain access to special prices that no one else will be able to access and you will if you wish be able to pass this on to your customers in the beginning to get them started. YepText was created by Internet Marketers and is user friendly. YepText has one of the highest affiliate payout structures of any major text message marketing service.

What this means is that we share more of the money with our affiliates and if you decide to become one you will have the same payouts. Looking at the text marketing industry with in the local business community, less than one per of these businesses are using text marketing and are thus missing out on a valuable opportunity. This is where you come in and where you can show them and make lots of money as a reward. Now is the time to join and earn.

Some features of YepText are:

1. Access your short code instantly.

2. Integrate with mobile app(s) and/or website(s)

3. Integrated Analytics for mobile marketing.

4. Daily backups and secured data.

5. No limit on sign ups.

6. Collect Mobile numbers using online widgets.

7. Organize contacts into groups (no limit)

8. No contract required.

9. Mobile Keyword(s) can be changed at any time.

10. No set up or Activation fees.

11. Mobile Surveys/Voting/Polling.

12. Plus many more upcoming features that we cant reveal right now.

Heres an outline of all the training that is going to be packaged into Local Mobile Monopoly:

1. Video training on how to become a mobile agent

2. Video training on how to become a mobile Affiliate

3. Members access to the best Text Messaging Service out there (YepText).

4. Your own Mobile Agent Website To Represent Yourself as a Mobile Agent.

5. Pre-Made Marketing Stationary you can use.

6. Custom made Tool to find businesses.

These videos well be:

1 Welcome to Local Mobile Monopoly (run through of members area)

2. Some shocking numbers and statistics to pump you up on mobile and local.

3. Understanding its not just local businesses that need this, but everybody.

4. Which method of Local Mobile Monopoly is good for you or good to start with at the moment?

Now that they have watched those videos, it will be time for them to participate in the Main training of Local Mobile Monopoly. They will have the choice to pick from two different methods.

1. Video training on how to become a Mobile Agent.

2. Video Training on how to become a Mobile Affiliate.

Lets say they start with Mobile Agent Tab, this is how it will lay everything out for them inside this method.

Module One Getting Started:

A) Video 1: Why Be A Mobile Agent:

B) Video 2: What Businesses Need You?

C) PDF Report: List of businesses to start thinking about approaching.

Module 2 Setting Up Your Mobile Agent Business:

A) Video 1: How You will stick out to others.

B) Video 2: Creating Your Mobile Agent Website (We host for you).

C) Video 3: Creating Your Own Mobile YepText Keyword (For Demonstrating to Local Businesses).

Module 3 What to Charge Local Businesses:

A) Video 1: Different Ways to Charge Local Businesses For Your Services.

B) Video 2: Ways to integrate other methods to charge more.

Module Four Mastering YepText Texting service:

A) Video 1: Intro to YepText.

B) Video 2: How to set up Campaigns

C) Video 3: How to broadcast Text Messages:

D) More Videos on YepText, etc.

Module 5: Getting Local Businesses to use you as their mobile agent:

A) Video 1: The postcard/mailing method:

B) Printable: Postcard template for mailing to local businesses: C) Video 2: The online search method:

D) Video 3: Door to door method:

E) Video 4: The friend method:

F) Video 5: The Viral Method:

G) Video 6: Advertising Method.

Module 6 Wrapping it up:

A) Video 1: Bringing it all together/ready to go: So thats pretty much all there is to the first method and I may still change/add more stuff into it as we talk more about Local Mobile Monopoly, but for now, I think thats a good outline of the first method. For the second method which is being a Mobile Affiliate: Module 1 Getting started:

A) Video 1: Why this is way easier than the first method:

B) Video 2: Why just introducing Business to YepText can make you rich.

Module 2 Becoming an Affiliate:

A) Video 1: Overview of becoming a mobile Affiliate:

B) Video 2: Ways to give Discounts and use Promo Codes:

C) Video 3: Reading Analytics as an affiliate.

Module 3 Finding local businesses:

A) Video 1: Why the internet is your best friend.

B) Video 2: Secrets of using local Google method.

C) Video 3: Secrets of using Yelp.

D) Video 4: Easiest and fastest method of using promo code in person from Yeptext app or Mobile website we offer.

And that pretty much wraps the two methods up for Local Mobile Monopoly.

Local Mobile Monopoly is a true game changer and if you need a business that will make you a long term income that can grow with you, then this is the one for you. You need to take advantage of this NOW, dont wait and wait and wait. Get in now and earn. An opportunity may only come once and when it does, you need to grab it with both hands and run with it. Click Here Now To Join

Robert Leisk

Skype: robert.leisk

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