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What Are Solo Ads?
Are you ready to find out what solo ads are?
Great because this is the ultimate guide to solo ads.

4 Pro Tips For Writing Your Own Solo Ad
The Best Places to Buy Solo Ads
3 Negotiation Strategies That Will Save You Money
5 Common Mistakes Solo Ad Newbies Make That Burn Money

What Are Solo Ads?
A solo ad is an email advertisement where you leverage someone else's email list and promote your product or service.
It's called a solo ad because your email is the only, or "solo" promotion that goes out to that email list.

In other words, instead of having to go out and build your own giant email list, you can leverage other people's email lists that they have been building for years.

Therefore, you are sending out your own message for your products to warm leads, and the list owner is endorsing you to their list.
And the people on that list are already used to opening up emails and reading them, so it's a high-quality traffic source.

There are actually people out there whose entire business model is to sell access to their giant email list to people like you and me.
Here's how it works: You write an email for the solo ad vendor to send to his list, and then you pay him to send it.

For example, you could pay $1,000 for 500 clicks, and the solo ad vendor would fulfill his part by providing you with 500 clicks.
In some cases, there are solo ad sellers who will write the email for you, but this is a courtesy and not all of them do it.

The reason why they would do this is that writing email copy is a skill...
The one drawback with solo ads is that it's not a constant stream of traffic (unless you continuously pay for them). Unlike search engine traffic, which keeps on coming every single day, solo ad traffic is like a quick hit that dies off after 48 hours...

Therefore a good strategy is to combine solo ads with other traffic strategies like retargeting, Social-Media-traffic to keep a steady flow-
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