JSS Tripler Program Best Strategy

by Zero2Riches Program Internet Marketer
"Finally! A Program and a Money Maker that Earns You 2% Daily-- 60% Monthly." Revolutionary Breakthrough Makes JSS Tripler Program Indefinitely Sustainable!
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  • $10 Positions
  • Earn 2% Daily and 60% Monthly
  • Two-Tier Referral Bonuses: 10% and 5%
  • Free Secret Strategy to Earn $100 to $500 Daily.
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Review on JSS Tripler Program Best Strategy

JSS-Tripler claims to be Indefinitely Sustainable

Most people who read that do not believe it!

In fact I get regular emails telling me this fact

its a scam
it will fail
how can they pay out so much and not crash

Why do they say that?

Two Reasons!

1: They have not bothered to find out anything about JSS-Tripler yet are happy to share their experience with me.. thinking that because it comes out of their mouth it must be true!! Sorry for them!

2: Their ability to lose money in everything they join means that if they join JSS-Tripler it must fail also!!

So what is it that JSS-Tripler is saying about itself that makes them believe they can keep this program going forever?

The JSS-Tripler FAQ says this:

Question: Does paying 150% or $15 in cash, and the rest in the form of JSS positions, make JSS-Tripler indefinitely sustainable?

Answer: No. As JSS-Tripler grows, a time may come when the 2% daily earnings cannot be sustained. At this point, our Restart Feature (RSF) will be used. The way RSF works is that some existing JSS-Tripler positions are wound up, and JSS-Tripler is essentially restarted with much smaller obligations. The old JSS-Tripler positions are wound up by being paid out partially in cash and partially in the form of JSS positions. A formula is used to maximize the cash positions of our members.

Question: What happens if, because of unforeseen events, such as server downtime, DDOS attacks, etc., theres a general loss of confidence in JSS-Tripler and members stop buying new positions?

Answer: RSF will be used to effectively restart JSS-Tripler as a new program and to wind up the old JSS-Tripler positions.

Question: If RSF is applied, will my earnings decline?
Answer: Yes, there will be a temporary decline. Because you retain all your downline members, your earnings will tend to increase over time after JSS-Tripler is effectively relaunched. By compounding and sponsoring more people, youll be able to increase your earnings to higher levels than before.

Question: If RSF is applied, will I lose money?

Answer: No. Some or all of your unexpired JSS-Tripler positions may be converted into JSS positions, but you wont lose any money.

Question: Exactly what is the big breakthrough that makes JSS-Tripler indefinitely sustainable?

Answer: Generally, the obligations or liabilities of high-return programs grow over time. Eventually they can no longer fulfill their payout obligations. When this happens, the typical program owners run with the money and the programs disappear. Then you lose whatever you had left in the program.

The big breakthrough is that when JSS-Tripler positions are converted into JSS positions, liabilities are converted into assets. A JSS-Tripler position is a program liability daily payouts have to be made. A JSS position is a program asset no payouts have to be made, unless more money first comes in to cycle the JSS position. A JSS position is an asset for the position owner as well as for the program!

JSS-Tripler is Indefinitely Sustainable because of the Restart Feature (RSF)!

Your JSS-Tripler positions are redistributed as below:

1: The Number of your JSS-Tripler positions is reduced to what the program can afford to Pay 2% per Day!

2: JSS-Tripler positions that are reduced are turned into JSS-Matrix positions and Cash!

3: The Cash will be in your JSS account where you can either cashout or buy new JSS-Tripler, JSS-Matrix, JSS-Booster or JSS-Warp positions!

So in fact you will not lose anything.. JSS-Tripler Restarts (RSF) and because you now know this is the very beginning again, and the owner and admin have proven to you their honesty and ability to restart JSS-Tripler as they set out when JSS-Tripler was first launched, you will have the confidence to buy new JSS-Tripler positions and of course tell others about this amazing program!

Question: Is JSS-Tripler Indefinitely Sustainable?
Answer: YES IT IS!!

If you ask the admin when the JSS-Tripler Restart (RSF) will be.. they reply.. 2 days, 2 months.. 2 years!! no one knows.. there will be no warning!

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Deborah Swain Advanced   Security Manager
The best program on the net
Aug 14th 2011 08:40   
Gerry Copenhaver Advanced   Team Leader
It's and interesting program that I am still studying before I decide whether to jump in or pass on it.
Aug 16th 2011 10:42   
Roosevelt Evans III Professional   Home Business Entrepreneur
Hey Gerry, I highly respect your opinon so when you decide about JSS Tripler, please send me a PM. I'll do my homework on the program as well.
Aug 16th 2011 12:00   
FortuneHunter Junior  
I believe this program and I am planning to invest $1,000 like what it said in the strategy laid out in the site above is the site above i mention.
Aug 17th 2011 21:36   
Zero2Riches Program Advanced   Internet Marketer
Thanks for the comments guys. Yes this is my number 1 Money Maker. If you guys are interested, I can even return to you my referral commissions from your first investment. If you invest $1,000 I earn $100, I return back to you the $100 within 24 hours or mostly immediately as long as I have available fund. So what are you waiting? Join and get Referral Commissions back.
Aug 20th 2011 03:18   
Glenn Oliver Stone Junior  
The best income gaining program indeed! So far we've been able to cash out quite a lot of our earnings and as well as compoundquite a lot. If you work it to your advantage, there's much to gain! Don't run with the negatives..Remain focused and be positive about JSS. Really if you look at it, there is no certainty in the best of programs or even jobs. Overnight people have lost their employment and are totally devastated. At least with JSS tripler they can regain their income and confidenceif they meet the right folk in this program who can guide and direct them toward success. Sure there are no 100% guarantees to anything but why direct them to organisations or other hopeless ventures that will compound thir problems!
Nov 25th 2011 07:10   
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