Join the $16,000 in 17 Weeks

by Ole Teddy Petersen Consultant
Yes, its possible to earn as much as $16,000 in 17 Weeks starting with just a single $6.95 purchase, a couple of sales and some network marketing duplication.
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  • Only $6.95 one time payment.
  • Even join for FREE and earn $2 for every sale of a $6.95 purchase
  • Advertising to all Safe Add Zone members
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There is a lot here and we dont want to overwhelm you with details but we are excited about all the ways you can earn and we delighted to be able to help you every step of the way.

The Concept Simple
The Product Proven
The Earnings Substantial
The Staircase - Achievable
The Help Extensive
The Big Picture Math - Fascinating

The concept is very simple, very powerful and very lucrative.

1.Purchase a Low Cost ($6.95 or more) Package of Proven Advertising Resources

2.Make two sales of the Same Package in 7 Days

3.Replicate that process over 17 Weeks (two get two, etc.)

Bingo! Youll earn Up to $16,000 and 9,000,000 Advertising Points

Just as important, youll be positioned on each of the nine steps of the $3,200 Income Staircase where you can earn cash and advertising points over and over and over again.

Thats all there is to it and we are here to help you!

The product you are purchasing (and selling) is advertising in our three year old, five site, 25,000 member Advertising Community. We are proud of our product and the results that our members get when using it and we expect that you will be, too.

Your Advertising Points can be converted into banner and text ad impressions, top sponsor ads, full page views,login ads, and coming in Q2, 2011, Solo Ads.

Your Ads are seen by the 25,000 members of our Community and visitors to our Community Sites. We are over three years old and have paid commissions daily since inception.

Click here for more info about the advertising packages

The earnings that you can achieve are truly substantial as much as $16,000 (or more) in as little as 17 Weeks.

We have the math below to prove it. But, as you well know, nothing in life is free. You must make just two sales and have those purchasers duplicate those sales. You know the drill, its fun, affordable and very lucrative.

Why? Because what you are selling is product needed by hundreds of millions of individuals and businesses around the world advertising!

So, its very simple. Make two little $6.95 Sales. Those are two ONE TIME Sales. No Monthly, No Annual fees or additional purchases needed EVER!

Then, when those two purchasers make two sales the leverage of network marketing is set in motion.

Replicate that SIMPLE MODEL 17 Times and youll earn over $16,000 with only a single one time cash outlay for a product that you need anyway!

But, the exciting thing is that you can achieve all of this in just 17 Short Weeks when you make your two little sales in 7 days and duplicate that time frame down 17 generations.

TWO LITTLE $6.95 one time sales, thats it!

The $3,200 Income Staircase is what makes all of this possible and your movement up the staircase is very achievable starting with as little as the $6.95! (And were here to help you!)

There are NINE Steps on the $3,200 Income Staircase and there are THREE Different types of Compensation Plans on the Staircase, each designed to serve a specific purpose to help you and your team UP the staircase.

Further, the Income Staircase is actually comprised of steps from two separate programs each wholly owned by Clinton Clark as part of the Safe Ad Zone Community. This is an easy and simple connection that will ultimately be eliminated when the two programs (SuccessQUIK and Revenue Magic) are fully merged in March/April of 2011.

The Purchase of Each Step on the $3,200 Income Staircase can be funded by generating sales or a cycle from the step immediately below.

In other words you can truly move up All Nine Steps of the $3,200 Income Staircase with just your original $6.95 Purchase, making two similar sales and putting the power of leveraged network marketing to work for you!

A Much more indepth review of the $3,200 Income Staircase is available here for those who are math and spreadsheet oriented like Clint.

The Full $3,200 Income Staircase can be seen immediately below.

We want to help you have a lifetime position on each and every step up that Staircase with the opportunity to earn over and over and over again* without any additional out of pocket expense.

* All steps, except for the 10KAdPak and the Copper Step are 2x2 matrices which allow the member to earn cash and advertising points over and over again without any additional out of pocket expense once they have purchased or earned to that level. More detailed information about the compensation plans that make up each step is here!

We are here to help you succeed, climb the $3,200 Income Staircase and earn as much as $16,000 (or more) in as little as 17 Weeks.
We provide you help in a variety of ways including:

A company funded advertising co-op for qualified members
Live Presentations throughout the week so we can help make sales for you
A vibrant, energetic Community Forum where you can get input and help on a variety of topics:
The $16Kin17Weeks System SucceesQUIK, RevenueMagic.

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