IMvestments Course - How To Get Great ROI

by Oswald Rodrigues
For Anyone Tired Of Earning 1% Returns On Their CDs, Checking Accounts And Other Investments, There's A Better Way For The Everyday Person To Invest Online!
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Forget about stocks, bonds and all those confusing investment instruments because now there's an easier and better way to get some great returns! Read on...

When he got the auto-renew notice from his bank regarding a CD he has with them, his eyes about popped out of his head as he read the return percentage that he was about to be locked into for the next 12 months.

It was around a paltry 1%.

What that means in simple terms is this: for every $100 in his CD, he would have $101 at the end of the investment period.

These are not exactly numbers to make you drool, huh? Interest rates on investments like checking accounts and CDs are marginal at best. Unless you've got a gazillion dollars to sink into them, you simply aren't going to get a very nice ROI (return on investment) anytime soon.

Let's be honest, turning $100 into $110 isn't that much more exciting is it?

That's a 10% return - which is about average for a traditional investment on Wall Street. Most investors would say that a 10% return is a solid ROI. With the instability of the market (wild up and down swings) over the past several years, a lot of people would be tickled silly with a 10% return.

I guess it beats 1%. Or even 3% or 4%. But, is it really something to get excited about if you're an average persona with a limited amount of money to invest?

Personally, I think those sorts of paltry returns are somewhat laughable in light of how I invest.

Most Investors Love a Solid 10% Return on Their Investment But I Would Personally Be Disappointed With That Kind Of Return

Thats because Ive discovered a different way to invest. And:

It has nothing to do with stocks.

It has nothing to do with bonds.

It has nothing to do with mutual funds.

It has nothing to do with real estate.

It has nothing to do with CDs or money market accounts.

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