Importance Of Sintering In Powder Metallurgy

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Sintering is a heat treatment that is used to increase the strength and structural integrity of a given material. PM processes use this treatment to convert metal powders into end-use parts.
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The Sintering Process: Initial Stage
At first, discrete particles remain because complete compaction or melting does not occur. In the PM process, the selected sintering temperature is always lower than the melting point of the main metal in the material.
The consolidation process is accomplished in various ways, including the use of a toolset to press particles closer together. Other processes include sintering in 3D printing, which involves the partial melting of powders trough a laser or thermal print head.
The Sintering Process: Intermediate Stage
During the intermediate stage of this process, the packing density increases as adjacent necks increasingly merge and particles diffuse. The resulting channel closures increase densification. Two common methods to achieve this are transient liquid phase sintering and permanent liquid phase sintering.
The Sintering Process: Final Stage
In the final stage, pore shrinkage decreases the volume. Some isolated pores may remain, but the loosely packed material present early in the sintering process has been transformed into a solid-state material.
Once sintering during the process is complete, there are a variety of secondary operations that are used to further optimize performance, such as impregnation with resins or oils and infiltration with molten metals. Secondary operations also include various forms of surface engineering, like machining, shot peening, steam treatment, and high-velocity thermal spraying.
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