How G Knows What Sites You Control

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Google obviously looks at a great many factors in determining site rankings, but what do they know about us as administrators of our sites, and how do they use that information? In today's Whiteboard
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The Good Side of Related Websites

But other times, Google wants to reward you for links that are related to one another. There are some definite advantages to establishing those relationships between sites that you own, and sometimes you want to tell Google that you own multiple sites. One example is to distribute the authority between those sites.

Now a perfect example is something like eBay. eBay has a site in the United States, and they open a brand new site in Ecuador. They want that Ecuador site to rank well, but they don't want to start over. They've already built up their American site so much. They want to transfer some of that link equity. So they want to let Google know that, "Hey, this is eBay. This is us. This should be an authoritative website."

This also works on a much smaller scale too sometimes, often on sub-domains. You see a lot of blogs being started on subdomains' websites because it's easier from a development point of view or for whatever the reason. You want that sub-domain, that blog to have the same authority as your main site. Now it's oftentimes up to Google whether or not they give that authority to your blog or your sub-domain. But if you can give them signals to tell them, "Yes, this is associated with my main domain," that often goes a long way in helping that sub-domain to rank.

Same with alternate languages. You have French content. You have Spanish content. You have English content. They're all on your site. Maybe they're on a different sub-domain or a different top level domain, but you want Google to know that they have the same authority as your main site that you worked so long to build up.

Also, we're starting to see identity play a role in administrative relationships, more at a page level with things like Google Authorship and things like that. But identity is becoming a big issue, and Google is working to figure out those identities on the web.

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