Hojo Magnetic Motor

by Michele Johnson Review Writer
As those interested enough in alternative energy to find this article may know, plans for building a do-it yourself magnet motor based on the invention byHoward Johnsonare being sold on the web.
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Review on Hojo Magnetic Motor

As those interested enough in alternative energy to find this article may know, plans for building a do-it yourself magnet motor based on the invention by Howard Johnson are being sold on the web. It may be complicated to review the hojo motor, given the range of plans out there range from real to scam, and hojo motor marketing varies from reliable to hype. It must be said that many of the plans being sold are bogus, not because the hojo motor concept is a scam, but because in the interests of making a fast buck, many vendors have made phony, exaggerated claims and taken other license with the truth.
Hojo Motor Review
Lets first understand that the energy generated by a hojo motor is real, but the promoters of scam plans make it sound like the power is limitless or those issues regarding the efficiency or self-sustaining aspects of the technology are all resolved. That is not the case, for while Howard Johnson managed to obtain three patents on his designs (which prove the realistic application of his long and dedicated study of this energy source), all refinements to the hojo motor were not completed at the time of his death. The invention was not fully developed, and still experimental in many detailsthats why the hojo motor plans are called plans, after all.
The real reason Johnson wanted the hojo motor plans to be available was to do an end run around the Big Energy establishment, who would have used their muscle and government connections to suppress the technology, had it been pursued in the traditional fashion. For those unaware, when somebody creates a new invention that will replace a multi-billion industry, Big Business responds by creating massive negative propaganda to get the product removed from the marketplace, or otherwise blocked from mass commercial distribution. In the US, the campaign includes getting the bureaucracy to effectively shut down advertising of the product; by saying it violates FDA or FTC rulings.
The way around this crony-corporate shut down Gestapo was to release the plan information (similar to the way some software is distributed as open source), so the data falls purely under free speech, instead of commercial advertising (which can be censored). This allows devices like the hojo motor to reach the public without being silenced, and makes it easier for people to further tweak the technology without obstacles. But the hojo motor plan was not primarily intended to be turned into a commercial enterprise in itself, or to be called the final version of magnet motor engineering.
The hojo motor scammers will not mention these details, and instead will push their untested variations of the plans (which did not go through the hundreds of hours of rigorous testing that Johnsons did). The result is a situation where some people are buying tweak plans that arent verified to work, as opposed to the patented concepts behind the original hojo plans. Some people suggest these scammers are deliberately working for the utility companies, and are trying to discredit the hojo motor from the inside by hawking poison pill versions of the plans. Whatever their motive, dont fall for it! Only order genuine Howard Johnson hojo motor plans.

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