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by Derek Ayre Writer - Zen practitioner
Hits4Pay you will receive Emails on topics that interests you And Get Paid For It!
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  • Established since 2001
  • $5 just to sign up
  • Get paid from referrals down two levels
  • Receive regular paid e-mails.
  • Well established company who has paid me on time.
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Review on Hits4 Pay

One surprising thing that I have found since becoming involved in on-line business, is when it comes to applying effort, there are a large number of those who claim to be interested in making money on line, who sign up and then do absolutely nothing!

I am just an ordinary guy living the UK, but as Zen practitioner, I have learned the power of commitment and self-application together with the ability to transcend those "what's-the-point" moods that visit us all from time to time when we are set on a goal. I am not sure that those reading this who tend to shelve things will be motivated to change or not, but I can share with you how I am beginning to realise success. On the Internet, with these opportunities, every one who signs up, has the same opportunities for success as everyone else. What I like about the on-line business idea is the way, that by helping ourselves, we are also helping others.

I have signed up to many PTC (pay-to-click) programs, that in order to earn any "real" money, it is necessary to build a downline. One of my favourites is Hit4Pay and they offer a new member $5 as a Free Reward just for signing up. I have found that I get regular e-mails almost on a daily basis and have been working with them for around 6 years. I am not sure how long they have been around, but to me this is a sure sign that they are well established. And they have paid on time. Just click above (Learn more about Hits4Pay>>) if you wish to investigate further.

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Warren Contreras Magnate I   Old Retired Guy
I couldn't agree with you more my friend. It may only be a few cents a day that I personally earn on Hits4Pay, but the leverage from two tiers of referrals turns that into dollars and over the years that few minutes to read emails has provided me with thousands of dollars in extra cash. Why would anyone who claims to want money turn that down?
Jun 6th 2013 09:14   
Vishnu Das Advanced  SEO
Thans for this post friend
Jun 7th 2013 04:59   
Nnamdi A. Magnate III   Internet Marketer
I belong to Hits4Pay and I am not regretting it. What I am not comfortable with is not canvassing to increase my downline since I joined until recently.

When you join Hits4Pay, work to increase your downline immediately. I have observed that I have received more commissions from my downline than I have earned.

Thanks, Derek, for exposing this money making opportunity to us. I encourage all to join.
Jun 7th 2013 06:38   
Vtree Azza Advanced  designer
thanks for information, but i worry thats scam, can you explain to me?
Jun 7th 2013 07:17   
Nnamdi A. Magnate III   Internet Marketer
It is not a scam. You are not required to pay any money to register. Membership is FREE. You can get more information at their website.
Jun 7th 2013 07:46   
Derek Ayre Committed   Writer - Zen practitioner
Thanks all for your comments. No worries at all about it being a scam Vtree, because I can assure you that I have been paid, and once you build your downline it can be very profitable. It costs nothing, and you receive $5 in your account just for signing up which gives you a head start. I get e-mails in my inbox nearly every day with paid links in, and once on site, I often see my downline have done the same and are building their own downline. What more can I say other than it costs nothing to join and takes little time to work.. :-)
Jun 7th 2013 09:49   
Janie Marshall Advanced  Club Shop Rewards
Long time member and I like it. Have always been a free member and got paid when I built up the required amount.
Jun 12th 2013 17:30   
Nnamdi A. Magnate III   Internet Marketer
I am looking forward to receiving my payment very soon. I am almost making the threshold for payment.

I encourage all who are looking for how to make money online to join this program which is free and easy to operate.
Jul 24th 2013 06:02   
Derek Ayre Committed   Writer - Zen practitioner
Janie and Nnamdi.. Thanks for your comments that demonstrate the good integrity of Hits4Pay...
Jul 24th 2013 09:14   
Gary Jenkins Senior  Fan Page Management
What is the "threshold for payment"
Jul 24th 2013 15:02   
Derek Ayre Committed   Writer - Zen practitioner
Hi Gary, Threshold for payment is $25.00. Click FAQs on site regarding payments and any other questions you may have :-)
Jul 25th 2013 09:45   
Rose Frankie Magnate II   Internet eBusiness,
no doubt that site is not scam but earning too slow and payout is also high
Dec 23rd 2013 04:05   
Robin Robinson Advanced   Affiliate, Traffic Wave
Hits4Pay is a good Site, I understand what you mean Rose I've haven't reached cashout yet. But I've seen people join the program and knock it out the water. I guess it takes time to build your own stride. It's still a good deal and it's free.
Dec 23rd 2013 06:52   
Warren Contreras Magnate I   Old Retired Guy
It's not slow if you get referrals
Dec 23rd 2013 07:59   
Tadeusz Trzaskowski Advanced   Online Marketer
Well, from my point of view, the earning is very slow. I've been a member of the program for several years now but have only received one payment (which is a proof enough to me that the site isn't fake in making payments). I wonder how many referrals I should have to make $$$K's. I have 67 of them but I get only 1-2 $0.02 clicks for me and and maybe 3-5 x $0.01 clicks per week from my downline. Which is, I'm afraid, too little to enjoy.
Dec 23rd 2013 09:46   
Warren Contreras Magnate I   Old Retired Guy
I started in 2000 and have made over $2,000
Dec 24th 2013 01:13   
Derek Ayre Committed   Writer - Zen practitioner
Thanks for the comments guys.. I fully agree with Warren there.. In fact, if you want to learn more about promoting on-line business, go to his pages, he's an old hand and a great Internet worker. Getting referrals is what it's all about. As I am doing here! Take the opportunity to promote with a simple line. I use up all my credits here with promotions. As you can see from the comments, people do read and take the time to give feedback. The good part is that Hits4Pay e-mails tend to pay more than most other sites for ads you click and those of your referrals and referrals' referrals. I like the fact that you also get referrals e-mail addresses and you can keep in touch with them with support and inspiration to keep going.. It really doesn't take a huge amount of time either.. :-)
Dec 24th 2013 04:02   
Joe Henning Professional  Your Profit Connection
This site is the biggest waste of time I have ever seen... $2,000 in 13 years is equal to 42 cents a day... well, I haven't seen even 42 cents a week....!!
Jan 1st 2014 00:59   
Derek Ayre Committed   Writer - Zen practitioner
Thanks for your comment Joe. As others have said above, it is about getting referrals. I get a steady flow of referrals and can view that they are active and earning and have referrals of their own. I spend just a few minutes each day clicking on ads and share the opportunity here and through other forums.. This keeps the business ticking over. I do not spend a huge amount of time. It is all about using leverage I guess.
Jan 4th 2014 03:44   
Joe Henning Professional  Your Profit Connection
Thanks Derek, I was referring to the fact that on average, I receive less than one advert to even click on!! I would have a problem promoting a program that'll pee off my friends, because why would they be receiving more ads than me?
Feb 12th 2014 13:20   
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