Hey Human Wakes up Know Thyself !

by Surenderpaul Chopra Consultant, Affiliate
What is actual LOVE ? Who is GOD ? Explanation of most used words ! Who must be the complete true spiritual master & how to recognize. How many kinds of species are discovered, their categories,
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Well, if you still experiencing the same F e a r, confusion, prejudice, superstition, we always use the word "SUPERNATURAL" nothing is super every thing is quite natural, and to come out of these type of hypocritical prejudiced myths, you can not(I repeat) you can not attain this, by just listening/ reading/ observing or attending the speeches, You need personal experience by inverting inside, search inside you, not in the outer world, I tell you, you are the power ! Try to recognize it, the outer world is the reflection of the inner worlds and there are some reflected slides inside every body also, but how to recognize the perfect true slide of inner region? As there are so many illusions created by the kingdom of reflected regions, For that you got to get initiated by the true spiritual master/teacher who can be able to open your inner tenth gate, Way to actual inner path,And can be able to make you aware of your inner third Eye by which you can be able to see the inner contents, when your journey starts you will find that the Super natural powers mentioned are also the souls lost in the illusion inner regions as they had tried without the proper guidance, you see the souls are the natural powers and existing all over in the different Universes having the different configurations & these souls are intervening, some are trying to guide you and some are expecting some favor from the soul who enter in the regions ,What ever we see through these two eyes or feel, is the reflection of the reflections of true region, the physical formation of the region and we all are residing in the physical configuration which is just rented vehicle, we got to leave it. I hope you could under stand what I want to convey to you. Thanks

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Lynne Elliott Richards Advanced  
Even though I haven't purchased your ebook Surrender Paul, I know almost all aspects from your Rev Page and from my own personal spiritual journey which I really was awakened in the late 90's. Great review, and most people do not understand the message you are it's a Top from me:-)
Jun 4th 2011 09:50   
Lynne Elliott Richards Advanced  
"Top Notch"...that is:-)
Jun 4th 2011 09:53   
Surenderpaul Chopra Senior   Consultant, Affiliate
Hi thanks for that and but I would suggest you to purchase the book and read for your self because the experiences has to be different for every individual as per the status of the soul and if you do not want to spend , I would recommend you to go on blog and read most of the content are there on my blog free to read .here it is :
click on the spirituality at the right side of my blog. you will fine the articles and I request you to read with the blank mind without any pre ordained thought. you will find the amazing information of my little hard work.ok all the best.
Jun 4th 2011 12:32   
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