Helping referrals with a rotator

by Philippe Moisan Tutorial videos, writing
Finding referrals for PTC sites should be an easy task. After all, many people join PTC sites cause the legit ones pay for real. However, it seems that most people have problems finding referrals.
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  • What if you got help?
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  • "Oh no, another program where it will take months to get referrals." No, not here.
  • A rotator? What's that?
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Review on Helping referrals with a rotator

This is an experiment. It should work without a hitch. After all, it is a simple idea.

I decided to try it after talking to a friend who uses that technique. Unfortunately, he told me his direct referrals are not successful at finding referrals themselves.

His technique is simple. He uses a rotator to promote the links of his direct referrals. He puts the rotator link in his ads everywhere.

Before you stop reading, saying to yourself, "I have no idea what Philippe is talking about", please bear with me. I always try to explain things clearly. I will do the same here.

Let's say I would use a banner to promote ClixSense. By the way, that's what I will promote with the rotator. More on that later. I already have 2 referrals at ClixSense, but will they be interested in my project? I have no idea. I will write to them, but I'm more confident that I will find people here.

Ok. I get to the point. The rotator. Let's say the link is:

In it, I put 10 referral links, for 10 of my referrals. Not more than 10 at the beginning, cause I don't want my referrals to wait forever and ever to see results. I believe 10 people is ok. We'll see.

Let's call my referrals A, B, C, up to J. You get the idea.

For the sake of simplifying the explanation, the ref links will be:

Let's say I choose vTrafficRush to promote ClixSense. I take the ClixSense banner, I put http;// as the target URL. In the next few days, the banner should appear thousands of times. Remember, this is an example. I'm not saying vTrafficRush will give results. I will promote the rotator link in many places.

Every time there's an impression of the banner, the referral link changes, from to to etc... then back to and so on.

There you have it. Who will get the most referrals? I have no idea. God, the winds and people's viewers of the banner will decide.

Pretty simple, isn't it?

Now, I don't even have to explain the system. Here are the details.

I will use a rotator at TE Toolbox. I will need 10 people for now. If it works like crazy, I will add more. :)

In order for the system to start, I need you to join ClixSense using my link by clicking here. So, yes, there's a catch.

I will spend time and/or money rotating my first 10 direct referrals at ClixSense. As I said earlier, I have 2. Will they be interested in what I offer? Maybe not.

ClixSense has an 8-level referral system. So yes, I won't charge you money for my experiment, but I will make money with your clicks. You will make money with your clicks and the clicks of the direct referrals you find through my rotator or your own efforts. This is fair.

You can also click on the banner below to join ClixSense. It's been around since 2007, so it is recognized as a legit PTC.

I will create a video to explain the use of the TE Toolbox rotator. I already have a video that talks about it, but it first talks about trackers, so I want a video that focuses on the rotator.

Note: I'm adding this note to see if I can save this update to the RevPage, since it was created before the June 24, 2011 changes.

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Jan M. Magnate I   Free Lancer
Allways Your posts Are Inspired and very Helfull.
It`s good to Know a people with such excpirience and determination.
A Good Source of inspiration.
Jun 13th 2011 07:33   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Thanks for the very nice comment, Jan :)
Jun 13th 2011 07:48   
Deborah Swain Advanced   Security Manager
Good idea i think
Jun 20th 2011 09:25   
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