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by Mark G. Networker
Shop Numis brings you the very highest quality graded, certified silver and gold coins from leading mints around the world.
Recommended Features
  • The Fast Track Collector's Kit - This professionally developed kit provides you with everything you need in one complete package!
  • Shop Numis specializes in only the highest grade, modern issue coins produced by leading government mints from around the world.
  • Graded silver and gold numismatic coins are not ordinary, they are special. The value of these collectible coins is based not only on their precious metal content, but also on rarity.
  • The global standard for grading a coins condition is called the Sheldon Scale and grades range from 1 to 70, with 70 being the highest grade possible indicating a flawless coin in perfect numismatic
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Review on Gold & Silver Coins

Examining the Numis Network MLM Opportunity

Since being launched in September of 2009 the Numis Network has had one of the smoothest, most successful, launches in recent memory for this industry. The company has created a fine niche for itself specializing in precious silver and gold numismatic coins. If you're wondering what "numismatic" means, simply put it is the study and collecting of money. If you're seeking a company to earn some extra income from home, this company actually markets money as its product. You won't have to convince people that silver and gold coins are valuable.

More Details About Numis Network

As corporations lay off large amounts of people, the economy gets in a deeper hole, and the uncertainty of the stock market, people are more open than ever to try a home based business. Business leaders like Robert Kiyosaki are on record stating the way to get ahead in this economic climate is to start a part-time business from home. Numis Network has created a niche for itself in the industry with its products but also has made collecting Silver and Gold coins within reach for the average person. Numismatic coins have never been marketed through multilevel marketing. So this gives people the opportunity to capture the first mover advantage.

The company has identified the $110 billion global industry for numismatic coins and combined that with a multilevel marketing structure. One of the leaders in the company, Mike Mezack, is a Home Shopping Network veteran. In fact, to put things in perspective Mr. Mezack has actually averaged $100 million in numismatic coins sales. Mr. Mezack has eclipsed the $1 billion milestone for numismatic coins sales over the past decade. Having this gentleman involved in the Numis Network has given the company tremendous credibility. That combined with founders who have decades of experience in this industry of home business makes it very comforting for somebody looking at the company. Because of the integrity of the founders they have attracted some of the most successful network marketing leaders in the industry.

Numis Network Products Examined

In the world of numismatic coins the Sheldon scale is considered the industry standard for grading and appraising the condition. Among collectors around the world the Sheldon scale rings coins from 1 to 70, with 70 being the most pristine, highest grade, perfect coin on the planet. The Numis Network company will only distribute and market coins that are created at this 70 level, also referred to as "MS70." These MS70 coins are actually minted from different countries around the world. Coins that are graded 70 on the Sheldon scale are also the most rare, therefore they are also the most in demand. So when you get your products in the mail you can be certain that you are only getting the highest grade precious metals on the planet.

Exploring the Compensation Plan

The Numis Network founders own a compensation plan software company that markets to other network marketing companies. The brilliance behind the Numis Network compensation plan arrives from their ability to have seen exactly what works in this industry, and just importantly what doesn't work. They have trimmed the fat off the meat and made one of the most explosively rich compensation plans in the entire industry. It is based on the binaries structure, which means two teams, and is widely known in the industry to create teamwork and synergy. The company has also fused in a "coded bonus" which allows you to collect a $100 commission when somebody you enroll sponsors somebody else... every single time. So if you enroll Sally and she sponsors her three sisters, Sally would make $300, and so would you. Marketing these coins to preferred customers and retail customers can prove to be lucrative as well. However, the top earners in the company have been successful by enrolling associate representatives for $75 and executive representatives for $495. Each executive representatives you sponsor will pay you a $100 fast-track collector bonus.

How to Climb the ranks in Numis Network

One thing the company doesn't have a shortage of is strong leadership. The integrity of the founders resonates through the entire company. This is one reason they have attracted some of the top leaders in the industry. If you are serious about succeeding in the Numis Network you want to have integrity at your core and dedicate yourself to helping others consistently. This is not a 9-to-5 job, it is a lifestyle that should flow through every fiber in your body. Once you have achieved this level of enthusiasm others will see in your eyes and want to join you in your quest for success. I also know to sustain long-term success you want to generate a constant stream of leads using the Internet.

I hope you enjoyed this information and review of the network marketing company Numis Network!!!

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