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by Norbert Sczepanski Physician rtd.
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The ListBuilder Like No Others!

The money is in the PROMON.EYLIST!

Join , make money , build your list!

Mail your downline upto 10 levels deep.

Get paid continuosly + watch it grow exponentially.

Start raking in the profit with just 2 referrals.

Get paid even if you are a FR.EE member.

Work once + get paid for a LIFETIME

PRO Members Earn $20 + FREE Members
Earn $5 Per Each 1st Level Referral


Mail your downline upto 10 levels deep.
Get paid continuosly and watch it grow exponentially.
Start raking in the profit with just TWO referrals.
Get paid even if you are a FREE member.
Work once and get paid for a LIFETIME

This Is The Most Exciting List Building with the Most Powerful Compensation Plan in the Industry! Don't Pass On This One!
ProMoneyList Is A different, better way to build your list (Not Like Any Other)!
FINALLY ! A program that combines a list building opportunity and a POWER of 1-UP system!
Are You Ready To Explode Your eMail List 100% FREE? Let Us Grow Your eMail List To Over 100,000 Members Even If You Have No Skills At List Building! We've come up with an innovative new way to build your mailing list!

Here is how it works:

You join below - totally free
Once you join you get a personal referral link.
Send people to your referral link.
When they join you immediately get them placed in your downline (starting from your second referral).
Every 2 or 7 days you can send them an E-Mail with your advertising.
But wait - here comes the beauty:

When the members you refer send new people to their downline you also have the permission to send THEM your E-Mail.
This goes down full 10 levels!
People will join your mailing list automatically once you have referred your first members.

Sit back and watch the people pouring into your list!

See the power of this concept here:

Suppose you have 5 members at level 1 and each of them also has to 5 members and so on down for the whole 10 levels:

Level 0 You
Level 1 5
Level 2 25
Level 3 125
Level 4 625
Level 5 3,125
Level 6 15,625
Level 7 78,125
Level 8 390,625
Level 9 1,953,125
Level 10 9,765,625
Members on all Levels: 12,207,030

This a stunning 12 MILLION members - all with just 2 personally sponsored FREE members.

Being realistical: This example above will not happen in the real world - but only a mailing list of 10% of the figures above is enough to generate 10s of 1000s of dollars each and every month.

Once you started this - you can't stop the frenzy! It's insane!

Don't worry about Spam Complaints NO MORE !
Mail Your List 10 Levels Deep (PRO Members Can Post Every 48 Hours)!

PRO Members Earn $20 and FREE Members Earn $5 Per Each 1st Level Referral (Not Only For Personally Sponsored! Learn More About Our Incredible Payplan By Clicking "Compensation Plan" Button)

PRO Members Get Random Referrals And Unlimited Text Ad Impressions!

Contact your subscribers at their real, verified email addresses.


You can make money not only from your own efforts, but also from the efforts of the people you bring in. This is LEVERAGE. So you earn as a result of other people's work -- "OPW." (And they won't mind, because they will also benefit from OPW!)
With this system, you can earn each time you bring someone in, but you can also earn when each of those bring someone in and, in turn, when each of those bring someone in, and so on. (Can you start to see the leverage building?)
Okay, here's how it works.

When you join PROMONEYLIST and promote your referral link your first referral will be assigned to your sponsor. This is your "qualifying" referral. After that, you earn for every PRO member you refer (means your referral upgraded to PRO), you earn $5 (in a case you are a free member) or $20 (if you are a PRO member)!

Now here is where LEVERAGE comes in, because as a Qualified member, every direct member you refer begins a new POWERLINE. Now listen to this. You earn $5 or $20 from the first sale of every new person entering the powerline. And since the first sale is ALWAYS given to you, your powerline can keep growing and growing. In fact, it's potentially unlimited!

This system enables you build "indefinitely deep!" The qualifying sales passed up to you by those in your powerline are called "indirect referrals" and there's no limit to how many indirect referrals you can receive from one powerline!

And it gets even more powerful, because you can create an UNLIMITED number of POWERLINES!

LET US GIVE YOU AN EXAMPLE: Your first referral is John. This is your qualifying referral and this referral moves to your sponsor downline automatically. And if he will upgrade the money from this first sale goes to your sponsor . Your second referral is Sam. This referral starts your First Powerline. You get $5 or $20 if Sam upgrades his membership to PRO.

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