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by Joshua Fox
I ran into this on youtube thanks to HackingStuffTK smart kid good vids. I used this to get my site sens Im not in need of alot of space. 500 mb space and like 100 GD of tranfer its awesome.
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  • Free web space
  • Free domain
  • Free site builder
  • Free do I have to say more
  • Page also shows a few other grate sites for betting and gaming. all FREE!!!
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ok so I got this trick from HackingStuffTK on youtube and I got the vid from him to grate kid. So I made this page to help others out. get your domain and web host free. please note you can get a domain from the host but its a sub or you can pay thats cool to and if you use the link on my site you will help me out. I also included 2 free sport betting sites that have poker ontop of the betting. please use links provided. so if you dont get how the sites can do free sports betting well they got sponsors and thats how they pay you. I hardly ever win but thats me. get friends or cronies as they call them and you make money off of them. also I included a site I have used for years to get emulators and games. enjoy.

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Daniel Munteanu Innovator   
Hi! Good to know another free webhosting!
Nice work!
Feb 26th 2011 02:58   
David C. Advanced   manager
I checked this out you can get what is promised they ask you to put adds on but its not a must,I have to really admit ,this is one of the best free offers of a site,you can upgrade or you can have a personalised domain name then you have to pay $4 something amonth I would have no problem recomending the site,it will take me a while to build it up as I am usually very buzy ,but I think I will try and make time to build it,You always go on these pages looking for the kicker the immortal37 which drops to$27 on the next Page and so on untill you grt a phone call saying if you don't sign up now you will never see your familly again as you have just passed by the chance of a lifrtime to make zilch,but do you know what it wasn't there,thefailyis afe.I must admit I went into this expecting all of that I was proven wrong I highly recomend you have a look for your self
Feb 26th 2011 03:06   
Joshua Fox Innovator   
haha so true David but Im no BS here this is how I did my site also if you get in with the 000webhost and get 10 to sign up and it pays for your site upgraid thats why I posted this. And check out the other sites if you bet I havent maid much but Im no good at betting you cant beat free money.
Feb 26th 2011 13:01   
David C. Advanced   manager
no no one can beat free money but you must admit on the internet they tell you anything so you part with your cah then you never see them again I will have a good look into it and hey from what I have seen its great,keep on doing what your doing (that sounds like a 70s disco record) Great site
Feb 26th 2011 13:37   
Joshua Fox Innovator   
lol tanks David and Im no BS on thees sites I will only post free sites I have no money to pay out and make no money so thees are not get rich quick sites how ever I have friends on the betting sites who have gone from 1.00$ to 1,000$ but it took years and skilled betting. how ever I will say that I have come close to wining some grate stuff playing poker on free sports bet but cent sports poker is lame and you would have to spend to much time playing for cents a win.
Feb 26th 2011 17:03   
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