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FOREX MMCIS group foundation was initiated in 2007 by "MMCIS investments" investment fund. In the course of MMCIS investments Funds work it appeared that many people wanted to make their own decisions
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What is Forex?

First of all, lets understand: why are you here?

Perhaps, you just clicked an ad banner. Or, perhaps, you were purposefully looking for a way to earn?

Anyway, you are where you need to be!

On our website you will find the information to change your life, to solve all your problems, and to become wealthy and happy! You do want it, dont you?

When you learn the details of our website, you will understand and acknowledge how to change your life. After you study our website, you will know what our interaction can give you and what benefits you will receive from it. And the most important, you will learn how to earn in Forex market, earning stable and high income!

Forex is the place where you can become a millionaire! Or multiply your capital!

And it is not easy, it is very easy!

Want to know how? Then, all you need to do is just to learn the basics of Forex, and the answer to this question will become obvious!

In this article, I will try to explain to you what Forex is all about, briefly and in simple words!

Ready to make the first step on your path to wealth and prosperity? Lets begin then.

Forex is a market, but not a regular one. Instead of the goods and services we are accustomed to, currencies are traded in Forex, the market itself being speculative. Producers do not trade in it! People trade in it with the purpose of making money.

It all comes to buying one or another currency cheaper and selling it more expensive.

Where can we find a Forex analogue in our everyday life? It is bank currency exchange services that buy currency from us a little cheaper and sell it a little more expensive.

So, will we have any difference from them trading in Forex market? Practically none, except for several advantages! The most important of them is leverage that our dealing center offers you. Leverage is the possibility to increase the funds turnover in your new buy-sell business up to 500 times. It means, if you have a thousand dollars, you can deal with half a million in Forex market. Naturally, you will get more profit thanks to it! What often happens is that people multiply their initial capital in the very first day! Tempting, isnt it?

The next important advantage, comparing to currency exchanges is that you can earn not only when the currency price increases, but when it decreases as well.

In fact, you just predict the market decline and stake on it, and when the currency price goes down - you gain.

All you need to do is just guess where the currency chart will go.

It is not difficult, is it?

Some use all kinds of analysis methods, and some just intuition. And our research shows that those who use their intuition are much more successful traders.
(All currency charts, as well as market news online will be available to you in our trading terminal).

Another significant advantage of Forex market is automation of trading. In other words, you receive your personal assistant that will track the situation and execute all your orders when you are on a vacation or sleeping, for instance.

I will give you an example! You see that the dollar goes down, but you understand that it will not cost less than 92 Japanese yens. Then, you give an order to buy dollars when the price reaches 92 Japanese yens. And thats it! The rest will be done for you automatically. At once, you can give an order to sell it later when it reaches, say, 98 yens.

These are the fluctuations people make money on in Forex! It is not as difficult as it might seem at first!

Still thinking it is difficult or you wont make it? Then, read the stories of people who changed their lives and became successful traders!

Retired people, housewives, students all trade in our dealing center. They have figured out what its all about, and you will, too!

Actually, all you need to do to start working in Forex market is to download our trading terminal and learn how it works! It will provide 95% of what you need to know in order to receive stable and high profits.

It is very easy to study the terminal. You can find easy-to-understand detailed directions here*.

And the last thing I would like to tell you is that Forex isnt more difficult than any of the subjects we took at school! The algorithm of working in Forex is much simpler than the problems we solved in high school! So do not give up, you can do it!

Try! Figure it out! And you will make it!

Sincerely, Robert Philips
FOREX MMCIS group deputy director.

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