Fix IPhone 6 Plus 6S ICloud Locked By Hardware Rep

by vip fixphone sales manager
iPhone 6 Plus 6S Hardware Replacement Chips are professional phone fix iCloud unlock tool.
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iPhone 6 Plus 6S iCloud UNLOCK kit chip motherboard, it is Damaged iPhone board ( B board), but without iCloud locked, the CPU, BASEBAND, NAND FLASH and EEPROM chips are okay, you can remove these chips to your iPhone board, and remove iPhone 6 Plus 6S iCloud locked by replace Hardware.

There are four chips on the iPhone motherboard has are the core parts fo you to unlock iCoud: CPU, BASEBAND, NAND FLASH and EEPROM chips. NAND FLASH and EEPROM which can be re-programmed by iphone Chip programmer, while CPU and BASEBAND must be replaced by hardware (from another iphone with unlock IMEI / serial number).

The CPU and BASEBAND on the motherboard can be used to replaced on the new motherboard to help you unlock iphone icloud. But it takes certain professionalism, take care of the chips, otherwise you will damage these BGA chips.

Introduction for Unlock iPhone 6p / 6S iCloud ID by replace Hardware:
1. Takd down the CPU and Baseband on the motherboad (A Board) with iCloud locked of the iPhone you are going to unlock
2. Take down (disassemble) the CPU and Baseband on the motherboard (B Board) without iCloud, doing the BGA reballing on it again, the iPhone 6 Plus / 6S iCloud UNLOCK kit chip.
3. Reading / Import the data of new chip from B Board, Save it, then re-write the new chip data to your A Board by ACT PRO chip programmer , Bond the reballed chips on the motherboard with iCloud
4. No need to remove NAND from A board, Re-program NAND by iPhone NAND Module Adapter (FX015 / VC932)
5. Move the CPU and Baseband from B board to A board, Install home button and LCD back
6. Connect iTunes and restore iPhone
7. Activate iPhone iCloud ID will be eliminated successfully.

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