Fish meat bone seperator

by Elena Li Consultant
This machine is mainly used for the extraction of various fish meat, skinless and bone removal processing, and the fish meat and fish in the fish body The bone, fish skin, and fish tendon are separate
Recommended Features
  • High efficiency, saving time and effort, and reducing labor costs.
  • made of high-quality 304 stainless steel material
  • The extracted fish meat can be used as fish balls, fish paste, fish sauce, fish cakes, fish fillings
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The fish to be processed is manually removed from the head and the internal organs in the belly; for large fish, the fish needs to be divided into sections
Rinse the two halves clean (to avoid contamination of the fish paste with viscera and fish blood). Then put the fish fillets into the hopper
(The split surface of the fish faces the tube, and the back is close to the rubber band). The fish enters the tube and the rubber band under the drive of the rubber band.
In the squeezing area, under the action of the squeezing force between the rubber belt and the tube, the fish is squeezed into the tube through the small hole
Take the inside of the tube, and the fish pieces in the tube will be automatically sent out along with the rotation. And sundries such as fish skins and fish bones are installed in the machine
The upper cutter scrapes from the outer extension of the take-up tube and falls into the collection tank. The whole meat picking and separation process does not require manual operation, which is convenient and hygienic.
The pressure between the rubber belt and the taking cylinder is adjusted by a rubber belt tensioning device located on the head of the machine. Large adjustment
The size can be flexibly adjusted according to the size of the fish species. The extracted fish meat can be used as fish balls, fish paste, fish sauce, fish cakes, fish fillings
Food materials such as dumplings greatly increase the economic value of fish.

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