by Gopakumar Rajan SFI Mentor
Twiends has been built to provide twitter and facebook users with a compliant, ethical, and responsible way of growing their online communities.
Recommended Features
  • No spamming
  • You can only follow a small number of people each day, and you can only be followed by a similar amount of people at the same time.
  • Membership is free, you get credits for following others.
  • If someone follows you, they get credits from your account
  • There's no need to follow others, if you buy credits
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Using this wonderful system I gained an average of 20-40 followers daily, without violating twitter rules. I highly recommend this site to all my friends. Using this system one can get Facebook followers, too. But, this feature is currently in Beta stage.

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Clint White Senior   Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
You guys should really check this out... it is such a great tool for building your business or followers...
Mar 11th 2011 01:09   
Michael Percy Innovator   Getting People Paid
I just tried it - It's great for a quick blast of followers, youtube hits and facebook fan page likes.. but the people who "like" your fan page don't even see it, they just click on a button and it does the rest. Great for twitter but if you want people to take action on your facebook fan page then this won't work. Otherwise a great program to get the numbers up!

Mar 11th 2011 04:06   
Jan Chem Committed   Engineer, Entrepreneur, Educator
this could be a great tool to have.
Mar 12th 2011 09:41   
Leaticia Telesford Advanced   
this sounds really interesting
Mar 12th 2011 11:30   
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